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Huawei Campus Video Surveillance Solution

Matrix Intelligence enables this solution to provide integrated security both indoors and outdoors. With facial and license plate recognition, campus management becomes visualized, digital and intelligent, saving on manual labor costs. 
  • Situational Awareness

    Automatically adapts to varying levels of light and changing weather conditions, providing 24/7 HD video coverage for key areas. 

  • Video-based Intrusion Detection

    Uses deep learning algorithms to detect intrusions and rule out disturbances caused by the weather and small animals. This allows for the accurate identification of genuine intrusions.

  • Video-based Patrol

    Allows selected cameras to guard premises. Security personnel can watch surveillance videos and complete random security checks remotely. If necessary, a security guard can be dispatched to the scene with one click. The system also generates patrol reports.

  • Access Based on Facial Recognition

    Authorized persons are granted access in seconds at campus entrances and exits, generating alarms when unauthorized persons try to enter, preventing security breaches.

  • License Plate Recognition 

    Allows registered vehicles to effortlessly enter and leave the campus, preventing congestion during peak hours and collecting traffic statistics in real time, facilitating intelligent and efficient campus management.

Smart Campus Video Surveillance Solution


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