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Power Distribution Automation Solution

Power distribution networks directly serve end-users — ultimately determining the quality of the power supply — but suffer from higher rates of line loss, compared to transmissions networks, as well as requiring higher initial investment and being more expensive to operate. 

In this light, Huawei's Power Distribution Automation Solution uses a data center and a reliable communications network to implement second-level fault locating for distribution networks. As a result, if a fault occurs, the system only needs to reclose once to isolate it, meaning fault-free areas can recover power supply in just minutes.

Additionally, the solution extends the power distribution communications network, from mid- to low-voltage lines, laying a solid foundation for the integration of marketing and distribution, as well as intelligent power distribution Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

An overview diagram of Huawei's Power Distribution Automation Solution, which implements second-level fault locating

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  • One-Stop ICT Solution

    Easy and secure management with a master station data center and a one-stop communications network.

  • All-Scenario Communication

    With X Passive Optical Network (xPON) and carrier public network backhaul gateways, power distribution automation is possible in all scenarios.

  • Simple O&M

    Easier deployment, higher reliability, and reduced O&M workload.

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xPON Power Distribution Communication Network Solution

• Supports active/standby switchover and independent dual uplinks to support power distribution automation services in important load areas with high reliability.

• Supports multiple security features, such as anti-eavesdropping and anti-MAC spoofing, to ensure the security of power distribution automation services.

• The maximum communication bandwidth is 2.5 Gbit/s and the transmission distance is 20 km. This enhances the service bearing capability of the entire power distribution automation system.

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