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Providing Smart, Convenient Retail Experiences

In the data era, customers expect fast, responsive, mobile internet services. And retail customers expect comprehensive market information and shopping convenience, often in high-density environments, while using their own mobile devices.

Many retailers — including UniEuro (Italy), Shum Yip UpperHills (China), Vodat International (UK), and Vipshop (China) — have already realized that using next-generation technologies can improve customer services, and ultimately increase business revenue. Big data-based marketing campaigns, and self-service technologies can all improve business growth and brand exposure — yet all require multifunctional, all-wireless-capable networks.

Based on the Huawei’s Intent-Driven CloudCampus Network, Huawei provides enterprises with retail-specific, multifunctional Wi-Fi networks, helping establish reliable broadband services in densely populated environments, and reduce network management costs. The solution introduces big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud capabilities, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to provide unparalleled user experiences, automatic service provisioning, autonomous Operations and Management (O&M), and converged access — all on an open architecture.

Huawei’s Intelligent Retail Wi-Fi — developed specifically for your enterprise or business — has been proven to improve customer stickiness and marketing effectiveness for large- and small-sized enterprises around the world, and is constantly being improved to meet the specific needs of the retail industry.

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  • Improved Customer Experiences

    Consistent, high quality Wi-Fi connections — highlighted by reliability, security and stability — ensure that customers are provided with memorable retail experiences.

  • Autonomous O&M

    The CloudCampus management platform ensures O&M costs remain low, as retailers remotely manage their shoppers’ experiences using SDN and cloud-based technologies.

  • Converged Network and Open Architecture

    Huawei collaborates in an open architecture with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to build a one-stop solution for retail customers, making it easier to internetwork with third-party Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) systems and platforms.

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