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Interconnecting Information for Very Real Benefits

An intelligent operation center acts as the brain and central nervous system of a Smart City, integrating and interconnecting information and processes, and providing a platform for cutting-edge technology, operations, and management.

Monitoring city operations in real time, such interconnection of information has very real benefits, from accelerating emergency response and enabling cross-agency collaboration, to simulating city operations — in order to facilitate intelligent decision-making using big data analytics — and assisting with unified city development planning.

Indeed, an open source data system can even offer personalized smart data services for individual citizens.

Huawei’s Intelligent Operation Center Solution offers powerful, cloud-based Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure. Alongside specialist partners, Huawei can also offer a full suite of features, from city management databases, to data support and resource services, cross-agency applications, and planning for building city operation centers. The Solution includes:

• ICT infrastructure: An eGovernment cloud platform centrally allocates and manages IT infrastructure and data resources such as computing, storage, and network resources.

• City management databases: Population, housing, macro economy, and geographic information support flexible data sharing and decision-making.

• Data support and resource services: Exploit the full benefits of big data by converging data across geographically-dispersed industries.

• Cross-agency service applications: Real-time, city operations status displays assist in monitoring and alerts, collaborative handling and command of emergencies, simulation and unified planning, ‘open city’ data and information services, and cyber security management.

•City operation center: Large-screen displays, digital conferencing, sound reinforcement, video and audio switching, central control systems, and other facilities.

The Smart City is here. The future is on.

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  • Comprehensive Monitoring

    Enables city running status display, monitoring, and warning, offering real time information.

  • Collaborative Emergency Response

    Improves collaborative handling and command capabilities to quickly respond to incidents.

  • Unified Planning

    Employs big data mining and analysis to simulate city operations, facilitating intelligent decision-making.