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Unlocking Knowledge — Everywhere, for Everyone

Today, education is ever-more personalized, ever-more hybrid. With new digital models emerging across the board — in classrooms, research labs, and administrative offices — intelligence and the cloud are increasingly critical, supported by fresh innovations in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that are utterly transforming the education industry.

In this area of endeavor reaching back millennia — to Confucius, perhaps history's first private tutor, making its way through ancient Greece and Rome to the current day — the future of intelligent, digital education has arrived.


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    Basic Education

    Intelligent connectivity serves as the foundation for digital education, enabling the sharing of resources, promoting equal access to education, and ushering in a truly personalized student-centric approach.
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    Higher Education

    Enhancing pedagogy by supporting cutting-edge educational models and tools, the solution helps foster a new generation of talent, as well as supporting research and innovation while uncovering new efficiencies for administrative tasks.
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    National Research and Education Network

    Supporting multiple services that promote the evolution of ICT infrastructure and the transformation to cloud-based education, the solution delivers high speed connectivity — a boon to research and innovation on a global scale.

Real-World Success

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