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Unlocking Knowledge — Everywhere, for Everyone

Today, education is ever-more personalized, ever-more hybrid. With new digital models emerging across the board — in classrooms, research labs, and administrative offices — intelligence and the cloud are also increasingly critical, supported by a fresh round of innovations in Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Here, technologies such as 5G and Huawei's AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 now offer greater freedom and mobility than ever before, making access to a broader range of digital content and resources far easier and far more equitable.

Similarly, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) introduce a truly immersive learning experience, unlocking the imagination and helping to bridge online and offline domains, delivering far greater flexibility.

And in the back room, so to speak, big data analytics and data governance facilitate a more refined and systematic approach to administrative and management tasks, covering everything from campus staff to financial records and physical assets.

Finally, at the laboratory, new developments across disciplines have spurred demand for massive data processing and computing power, to support scientific research. The powerful capabilities and storage performance of High-Performance Computing (HPC) step in, shortening timeframes, reducing costs, and accelerating innovation.

All of this is to say: ICT is utterly transforming the education industry. In this area of endeavor reaching back millennia — to Confucius, perhaps history's first private tutor, making its way through ancient Greece and Rome to the current day — the future of intelligent, digital education has arrived.


  • Distance Education

  • Cloud Classroom

  • National Research and Education Network

  • Education Cloud Data Center

  • Campus Network

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Distance Education

Bringing knowledge closer, making resource sharing easier, and enriching the learning experience — for students and teachers alike. 

Cloud Classroom

Featuring a complete suite of new multimedia teaching technologies — including using TCs and VDIs — with improved data security, simplified O&M, and reduced TCO.

National Research and Education Network

An ultra-wide, ultra-efficient, high-performance network with an E2E architecture that supports InfiniBand interfaces, designed to cope with the demands of big data transmission.

Education Cloud Data Center Solution

An elastic, virtual, intelligent data management system that ensures data is safe, secure, and easily manageable, laying a solid foundation for digital classrooms.

CloudCampus Network for Primary Education

A high-performing wireless network, with centralized cloud management, reduces OPEX by 80% and allows students in remote areas to access advanced education resources.