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Huawei Campus OptiX Solution for Smart Airport

campus optix airport
  • What challenges does a smart airport face in terms of network construction?

  • What are the benefits of Huawei Campus OptiX solution for different airport scenarios? What are innovative technologies from Huawei?

  • What are the success stories?

Huawei Campus OptiX solution innovatively introduces passive optical technologies into the airports campus, with its reliable full-fiber architecture to carry video and Wi-Fi services, duty free shop access, airport hotel and IoT backhaul, accelerating the digital transformation of airports. Huawei Campus OptiX solution brings green concept into targeting scenarios, with the main values including reduction of 80% room space and cabling saving, 60% O&M efficiency enhancement, and re-cabling-free network upgrade.

For detailed solution, please check and download the affiliated slide.

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