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    How does Bank Pocztowy S.A Solve his Communication Challenges

The use of video conferencing has the potential to increase productivity and efficiency by reducing unproductive travel time, preventing meeting delays, creating shorter and more structured meetings and allowing for greater reach of a message. 

Bank Pocztowy S.A. is one of the major commercial banks in Poland, and controlled by Poczta Polska S.A. and PKOBP S.A., the largest bank in Poland. With nearly 300 branch organizations in Poland, the bank serves about 1400 mid-and small-sized enterprises, which plays an important role in driving economic development.

In the recent years, with the increasingly expanding services, and more and more branch organizations, Bank Pocztowy S.A. faces three challenges in terms of business operation.

  1. Traditional means of communication, such as phones and emails fails to meet increasing requirements for daily communication, dramatically affecting business efficiency;
  2. Second, the frequent business trips result in huge costs, affecting enterprise operation efficiency.
  3. Company staff can’t communicate with other team members on their business trips to help customers solve problems in an efficient manner.

Therefore, Bank Pocztowy S.A. wishes to construct a brand new video conferencing system to improve internal communication and collaboration efficiency. Bank Pocztowy S.A. has finally chosen Huawei video conferencing system after serious consideration.

In the first phase, eight high-definition (HD) video conferencing TE40 endpoints, over 200 TE series soft clients, SMC2.0 (system management center), SC (switch center) as well as MCUs (multi-point control unit) are deployed, which builds a new bridge for communication among various branch organizations.

To provide financial services for medium-and small-sized enterprises, banks need to communicate often. The video conferencing endpoint supports dual 1080p60 video and AAC-LD wideband audio, and provides outstanding adaptability, which enables high-definition video to be delivered even under severe environment. Staying in office, staff among various branch organizations can communicate face to face, saving time and improving efficiency.

Besides, the endpoints also supports wireless connection of endpoints, array microphones and touch panels, simplifying system deployment and facilitating use.

Huawei HD Video Conferencing System Deployed in the Office of Bank Pocztowy S.A.
Huawei HD Video Conferencing System Deployed in the Office of Bank Pocztowy S.A.

As for Bank Pocztowy S.A. ‘s requirements for frequent business trips, Huawei provided a solution—deploying TE Desktop and TE Mobile soft clients. This enables staff to communicate face to face either at home, on a business trip or at customers’ offices. In addition, Huawei TE Desktop & Mobile can run on multiple platforms including iOS, Android as well as Windows / MAC OS. Nevertheless, it allows for seamless integration with Huawei telepresence and video conferencing system over the Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G network.

Huawei TE Desktop & Mobile also supports HD content sharing which enables users to share pictures and documents in the mobile phone, touch panel or computer with the remote sites, or receive presentations from the remote sites. It also enables users to flexibly switch between audio and video communication according to different actual needs.

Its soft clients feature easy-to-use functionalities which are well-recognized by Bank Pocztowy S.A.. It has been designed with a user-friendly and intuitive operation interface, which allows for shorter learning curve. To create more convenience in initiating a conference, The soft client also supports local and network directory. When users are placing or receiving a call, the system automatically displays details of the called or calling number if it matches the entry in the directory.

Additionally, leveraging the global-leading 1080p60 universal transcoding capability, Huawei VP9630 MCU enables each site, either TE Desktop & Mobile or TE series endpoints to get the best possible experience according to the bandwidth they use and capabilities. Moreover, the entire video conferencing system can be expanded easily through the purchase of additional licenses.

Since the entire system was put into use in January 2015, Bank Pocztowy S.A. has gained positive feedbacks in improving communication efficiency, and enhancing business competitiveness. To exert the greatest potential of the system, Bank Pocztowy S.A. has decided to expand the system so that more branch organizations and staff can communicate via HD video.