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    OceanStor Pacific Storage for Media

    Choose a reliable storage solution that supports smooth editing, mass video storage, and zero frame loss.


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The Arrival of UHD

The superior image quality offered by 4K and 8K video creates a fresh experience for consumers. So the global media industry has embraced this moment of digital transformation, moving toward Ultra-High Definition (UHD) production. But, as media programming continues to improve in quality and complexity, greater demands are being placed on infrastructure, for both the storage and processing of the mass media files involved in creating, synthesizing, rendering, and adding special effects to content.

  • High Video Bit Rates

    Single-layer bit rates have increased by a factor of four, from approximately 150 Mbit/s to 600 Mbit/s. A storage system with high-performance throughput and stable latency is urgently needed.
  • Enhanced Video Resolution

    Video resolution has increased from 1080p to 4K. Data volumes generated per hour have increased accordingly, from approximately 70 GB to 270 GB. Storage capacity and scalability need to keep up.

The production of UHD programs typically involves several stages, from ingestion and editing, to broadcast, management, and archiving. For smooth operations, all service systems must collaborate seamlessly. Media companies handling UHD content need solutions that enhance data processing efficiency, streamline data management, and offer smooth evolution of storage capacity.

Choose Huawei Storage for Media

Huawei OceanStor scale-out storage helps users effortlessly switch over to UHD, offering a robust and reliable Information Technology (IT) data storage foundation that caters to all aspects of industry production, including collection, editing, broadcast, management, and storage. Additionally, such storage ensures uninterrupted and consistent service operations.

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Seamless Editing

OceanStor Pacific uses a Huawei-developed intelligent prefetch algorithm to analyze the behavior of mainstream Non-Linear Editing (NLE), application software, comparing encoding formats for mainstream media files. An innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) cache algorithm also enhances workload awareness capabilities. Using service model prediction, the system locates estimated cache jump points in advance, achieving a precise cache hit rate of over 99%, reducing latency to under 1 ms. The system supports 36-layer UHD video editing — an industry first.
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Uninterrupted, Smooth Broadcasting

OceanStor Pacific delivers ultra-stable 2.3 GB/s bandwidth for a single node and supports on-demand deployment and expansion. With performance increasing linearly as more nodes are added, nodes can be expanded online within 1 min without interrupting services. Multi-level reliability ensures 24/7 uninterrupted broadcasting.
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OceanStor Pacific uses an ultra-high-density hardware design, reducing required equipment room space by more than 60%. This also slashes power consumption and cooling costs. In addition, OceanStor Pacific's SmartTier feature allows users to define data priorities in workflows based on service and resource conditions. Data can be automatically tiered and migrated without manual intervention. This feature allows data with different access frequencies to be stored on the most suitable devices and media, helping users to more efficiently and intelligently manage their data.

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