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    IT Rollout and Integration Service

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IT Rollout and Integration Service

The IT rollout and integration service uses advanced technologies, solutions, and tools to help customers build an efficient, secure, and green IT foundation and accelerate customers' digital infrastructure transformation.

The IT rollout and integration service includes the IT infrastructure integration service, scenario-based intelligent service solution, data center facility integration service, and campus digital platform integration service.

Gain the Edge

Smart Delivery

Full stack

From underlying data center facility integration services to top-level services and applications, the E2E services help build a green, secure, and intelligent IT service foundation.

Zero O&M

Intelligent AI

Precise simulation, full-stack linkage, and intelligent optimization are implemented, and service data flows intelligently, taking services from manual to smart governance.

Superior Performance


From sequential to on-demand, efficient data center construction, accurate evaluation and scheduling of storage and computing, and agile service rollout





IT Infrastructure Integration Service

The IT infrastructure integration service solution covers service combinations for data center integration, computing platforms, AI computing center integration, and campus digital platform integration. It also includes service products for IT infrastructure planning and design, computing integration, model enablement, migration, disaster recovery & backup, security, intelligent data, and operation support.


Scenario-based Intelligent Service

Huawei focuses on key industry scenarios and the typical scenarios of NAs, matches scenario-based IT technology integration capabilities from the perspective of application value, and provides IT architecture consulting, full-stack data center integration, and scenario-based intelligence services. These services meet customers' requirements for L1 construction and reconstruction, cross-domain integration, consolidation and migration, data- and AI-based business decision-making, and the upgrade of operations.

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Data Center Facility Integration Service

Based on the self-developed full-lifecycle digital operation platform BestDC, Huawei's data center facility integration service covers six phases – consulting, design, implementation, commissioning, verification, and O&M. It strives to build green, simplified, intelligent, and secure data centers for government and enterprise customers.


Campus Digital Platform Integration Service

The intelligent campus integration service aims to provide application scenario integration design, integration verification, and integration implementation services, as well as campus digital platform planning, implementation, and integration project management services for customers in the implementation phase of intelligent campus projects. Based on Huawei's best practices and professional integration services, this service helps customers quickly build high-quality intelligent campuses and achieve digital transformation.