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Using ICT to Find New Value

An important link connecting mine production and export sales, efficient operations in the ore preparation process has proven to be the most effective way to improve the value of mining enterprises.

Traditionally, of course, ore preparation process parameters are adjusted manually. But manual adjustment requires skilled operators and multiple iterations, leading to high optimization costs. Plus, the individual learned skills of operators are difficult to share through any kind of knowledge platform, leading to the suboptimal processing of coal.

Huawei's Intelligent Ore Preparation Solution uses the latest innovations in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) — including big data analytics and Machine Learning (ML) — to improve preparation management efficiency, reduce the labor load, and implement a lights-out factory, one where there is such little need for human work that it can operate in the dark. The solution helps customers improve the purified ore outcome, increase ore output, and improve efficiency.



Big data and ML improve efficiency and quality, all while reducing costs.

Solution Highlights

  • Dense Medium Shallow Trough Sorting

    Heavy medium separation, with qualified density, is pumped into the sorting tank body through horizontal flow and upflow, with the overflow condition maintained. The raw coal enters the tank body from the feed end and the horizontal flow of the heavy medium separation. The gangue in the raw coal has higher density and therefore sinks to the bottom of the tank, moving along with the scraper to the discharge opening, entering the gangue chute. If the density of raw coal is lower than that of the medium, it floats up to the surface and is discharged from the overflow weir along with the horizontal flow. The upwelling current plays a decisive role in stratification.

    Based on the raw coal ash content and the target ash content of clean coal, Huawei's Intelligent Ore Preparation Solution generates optimal parameters for the operation of the shallow tank separator to improve coal washing efficiency.
  • Dense Medium Swirl Sorting

    The material and suspension are fed tangentially into the cyclone with a certain pressure to form powerful swirls. One swirl forms an outer downward spiral flow along the inner wall of the cyclone. The other forms an upward internal spiral flow around the axis of the cyclone, drawing in air due to the negative pressure of the internal spiral flow and forming a column of air axially from the cyclone. The light product in the feed flows upward with the inner spiral. Discharged from the overflow port, the heavy product follows the outer spiral flow downward, discharged from the underflow port. Based on the raw coal ash content and the target value of clean coal.
    Huawei's intelligent washing and cleaning process generates optimal parameters — including high water volume and cone valve opening and closing degree — for Teeter-Bed Separator (TBS) operations, to improve coal washing efficiency.
  • Interference TBS Sorting

    An interfering bed sorter is a type of interference settling sorter which uses rising water to produce turbulent flows in a cylindrical tank. The settling speed of particles is different according to density and particle size.
    Huawei's intelligent washing solution generates optimal parameters for heavy to medium cyclone operations based on raw coal ash and the corresponding target values of clean coal, to similarly improve coal washing efficiency.

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