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Huawei Launches Digital Operation Support Service Solution

[Shanghai, China, September 29, 2020] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei's Operation and Maintenance (O&M) service session titled "Industry O&M Best Practices and Operation Support Service Solution Launch" was live streamed online to a global audience. Chen Yue, Director of the Integration Service Department of Huawei Enterprise BG, announced the launch of the Digital Operation Support Service Solution through HUAWEI CONNECT LIVE.

Chen Yue, Director of the Integration Service Department, Huawei Enterprise BG

The solution offers a full suite of operation support services ranging from planning and constructing management and operation systems to support for specific operations and continuous optimization. Drawing upon more than a decade of experience in digital operations, Huawei designed a solution that directly targets customer needs. With it, users can quickly plan and design their operations system, and manage data without interruption.

Customers in various industries have already implemented Huawei's Digital Operation Support Service Solution. For example, Huawei's intelligent operation center (IOC) allows Smart City customers to build an end-to-end operation support system. It shortens rollout time for new services from one week to one day, significantly improving the availability and usage of services for citizens. In addition, it improves the city's data asset quality by nearly 30%, shortens problem response time by 30%, improves workforce efficiency by 45%, increases the issue resolution rate by 40%, and reduces cost by 20%. Ultimately, this brings cities one step closer to a fully digital government. 

A tailored combination of services

To date, customers from three different industries have deployed the solution and are actively using it: smart city, government, and airport. It will soon also be rolled out in the smart transportation, manufacturing, and finance industries.

IOC supports over 20 customized scenarios, such as city management and economic analysis, enabling more than 60 government departments to seamlessly access data. The solution can also support digital operations in such critical situations as the pandemic and other emergencies, and provide reporting on pandemic analysis and business improvement.

Huawei's smart government service consolidates over 20 public services on one website and makes the processes flexible. It also helps the government to improve services through an efficient and high-quality system of over 100 operational indicators. 

For smart airports, Huawei works with three command centers to measure over 200 operational indicators, such as comprehensive operations control, services, and security. At the same time, it has delivered more than 300 required applications after smart airport construction.

Platform as the core

The Huawei Intelligent Operation Command Center (IOCC) is the core of Huawei's digital operations. It supports application, platform, data, and business operations by enabling operations planning and design, visualized business status, root cause analysis, execution, and asset management, thereby improving user experience.

IOCC has various modules to support various types of users. The built-in modules are instantly available and cover applications, IT assets, cloud services, data assets, and industry scenarios. IOCC provides end-to-end agile operations support in data and business, as well as directly to development personnel. Ultimately, it significantly optimizes operations and reduces costs. 

System as the foundation

Huawei has designed a tailored operation management system for customers. It includes management methods and development standards for digital operations, as well as over 1000 industry-specific KPIs. The system is the foundation, which Huawei builds upon to quickly adapt and customize operational teams, processes, standards, and regulations based on the customer's requirements. The end result is a collaborative operation mechanism that supports and accelerates the implementation of orderly and efficient digital operations. 

Ecosystem as the key

Ecosystem partners are crucial for Huawei's operation support service solution. Thus far, Huawei has partnered with over 30 solution service providers and 10 professional tool developers. These collaborations allow Huawei to continuously build its capabilities and provide more value-added services through its solutions.

In the future, Huawei will continue to collaborate with ecosystem partners in delivering industry-leading operational support services to build a better future together.

Huawei's Digital Operation Support Service Solution will help industry customers achieve digital operations and continuous business growth by harnessing one management system, three operation support services, and N industry-specific solutions.