Huawei Launches F5G Intelligent OptiX Network Solutions for Africa to Help Unleash Green Digital Productivity


[Marrakech, Morocco, June 1, 2023] During GITEX Africa, Huawei launched the F5G Intelligent OptiX Network for the first time on the African continent and released a series of solutions and products for small and micro campuses, production networks in the electric power and transportation industries, pipeline inspection, and perimeter protection scenarios. Huawei also shared the application of the FTTO solution in its office campus. Huawei keeps leading the development of the F5G optical industry to facilitate the digital transformation of African industries, unleashing green digital productivity.

Chen Zeyu, Director of Huawei Enterprise Optical Network Marketing & Solutions Sales Dept, said, "Optical fibers are environmentally friendly and provide low latency and high bandwidth, making them the best choice for carrying intelligent connections. On this basis, the application of optical fibers extends to the sensing field, promoting the transition from Internet of Everything to Intelligent Connectivity of Everything, continuously stimulating green digital productivity in various industries, and providing more possibilities for the digital transformation of industries."

Chen Zeyu, Director of Huawei Enterprise Optical Network Marketing & Solutions Sales Dept

MiniFTTO solution for small and micro campuses: This solution is dedicated for small and micro campuses, and is typically applied to scenarios such as small and micro enterprises, clinics, restaurants, and supermarkets. Based on the F5G technology featuring ultimate experience, fast deployment, and easy O&M, this solution extends optical fibers to rooms, desktops, and corners, providing true gigabit experience.

Huawei launched the end-to-end OSU solution

Industry's first end-to-end optical service unit (OSU) solution for production network scenarios such as electric power and transportation: As the basic component of a production system, the production communication network has high requirements on security and reliability. With the rapid development of emerging services such as unattended power line inspection, smart power distribution, and intelligent highway monitoring, production networks also require higher bandwidth. To meet such requirements, Huawei launched the industry's first end-to-end OSU solution based on the fifth-generation native hard pipe (NHP) technology — OSU. The OSU solution implements 100% physical isolation using NHPs from the backbone network to the access network, inherits traditional services, and breaks through the bandwidth restrictions of SDH. This solution provides unique benefits, such as end-to-end one-click service provisioning, one-click fault locating, and network-wide visualization and management, delivering the solid and reliable optical communication required for production management, real-time control, and integrated data services.

Huawei launched the optical fiber sensing solution

All-optical sensing solution for industry sensing scenarios: Building on 30 years of experience in optical technology innovation and application, as well as research into intelligent sensing algorithms, Huawei launched the first optical fiber sensing series product — OptiXsense EF3000. This product can be used in pipeline protection and perimeter protection scenarios. Based on Huawei's innovative oDSP and sensing algorithms, it provides over 95% event identification accuracy and meter-level sensing and locating, enabling enterprises to achieve highly accurate inspection.

Moreover, Huawei shared the practice of applying the FTTO solution to office networks in its campus in Dongguan, China. The innovative architecture and product advantages of this solution help reduce the equipment room footprint by 60%, energy consumption by 30%, and TCO by 30%, thereby providing premium office networks with ultra-high bandwidth for employees.

In the future, Huawei will continue to make innovations to promote F5G evolution, develop leading products and solutions, and work with all partners to help various industries go green and digital.

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