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    bonÀrea Agrupa Transforms Its Data Center Connectivity with Huawei SDN Solution

Operating in the agri-food sector, bonÀrea Agrupa vertically integrates all operations, allowing it to directly reach end-consumers without intermediaries. As such, its principal activities are related to farming, agricultural services, and food retail, as well as energy, banking, and insurance.

Serving as a cornerstone of its business services and applications, and also key to network connectivity company-wide, bonÀrea Agrupa knows that it can never let its Data Center Network (DCN) infrastructure fall behind. With the bandwidth, reliability, and visibility of legacy infrastructure quickly becoming obsolete, both performance and productivity were being negatively impacted. The issue was compounded by a lack of cloud-oriented infrastructure, resulting in siloed application rollout and service provisioning. So the company knew full well that it was time to act and upgrade its systems, adding new, essential Operations and Maintenance (O&M) tools — covering fault location and rectification — that the company urgently required.

Equipped with the technical know-how and experience to address these issues, Huawei began working with bonÀrea Agrupa, helping evolve its DCN infrastructure to a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution. This solution — covering multi-PoD scenarios — features Huawei's NCE-Fabric network automation and intelligent management platform as well as the company's CloudEngine switches.

Automating Network Infrastructure Through the Virtualization and Integration of Compute Resources

Huawei's SDN solution automates network connectivity, virtualizing the compute environment and dynamically allocating and deallocating network services as necessary, depending on the lifecycle of Virtual Machines (VMs).

Enhanced Security and Network Provisioning, Decoupled from Physical Infrastructure

Granularly securing access to services and applications, through network provisioning, has proved key to bonÀrea Agrupa's digital transformation. An SDN solution provides secure, flexible, fast intra- or inter-application connectivity, decoupling the logical network from the physical data center.

Ultra-Large Capacity

bonÀrea Agrupa transformed its DCN, upgrading to 10G and 40G connections with Huawei CloudEngine switches, which can scale up to 100G and are therefore future-proofed, ready to unleash ultra-large capacity for new service needs. Given this new, ultra-large capacity, bonÀrea Agrupa was able to consolidate compute and storage, applying virtualization technologies to reduce the number of Information Technology (IT) hardware boxes.

Shortening Provisioning, with Centralized Visibility and Enhanced O&M Tools

A SDN solution supports rapid application rollout, on demand. bonÀrea Agrupa's new infrastructure has also dramatically shortened network provisioning time as well as implementing centralized management and visualized O&M. This means that administrators have been empowered to build service-oriented features and dynamically schedule network services.

"Huawei has brought a fresh perspective to our HPC infrastructure development, offering innovative solutions that have surpassed our expectations. The outstanding performance of Huawei's solution in application environments has been truly exceptional. Particularly noteworthy is the significant enhancement in delivery efficiency that Huawei has provided. Ankabut is fully dedicated to expanding our HPC capabilities through continued collaboration with Huawei, as we firmly acknowledge the immense potential it holds for our organization."

Fahem Al Nuaimi

CEO, Ankabut