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    One City One Network

    Top-level planning of city networks, unleash the digital productivity of cities.


  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Sub-Scenarios

One City One Network

City networks are the foundation of smart cities. To enable the efficient operation of cities, these networks must feature a flexible architecture and be future-oriented, intelligent, and open. Driven by digital government, digital economy, and digital society, the construction of city networks should be planned in a coordinated manner following a scientific top-level design.

Huawei proposes a top-level blueprint for One City One Network. Adopting a user- and service-centric approach, Huawei helps deliver intensive construction of agile, open, secure, and reliable city networks from the network perspective. From the service perspective, service-oriented operations flexibly adapt to users' network requirements, make networks user-friendly, and maximize the multiplier effect of infrastructure. They also support full-service digital development of smart cities and unleash the digital productivity of cities.


One City One Network Architecture

1 platform

Intelligent operations and automated O&M

3 virtual networks

Provide one-stop and E2E network services to the upper platform and shield the complexity of physical networks

N physical networks

N private networks, e-Gov. network, city IoT, Computing First Network, etc……



Network Smart-Cockpit

• Facilitates intelligent network operations and automated O&M.

one city one network solution 1

City Optical Network

• F5G urban optical network
• All-optical infrastructure
• Network-wide 100 Gbps, city-wide 1 ms
one city one network solution 2

e-Gov. Network

• Unified service and network construction standards
• Unified operations in urban areas, unified/hierarchical construction and O&M
• E2E one-stop services
one city one network solution 3

Computing Private Network

• Coordinated layout and supply of computing power
• One-click access and on-tap computing power
one city one network solution 4

IoT Transport Network

• Unified transport of key IoT data
• Digital grid planning
• Easy collaboration, more secure
one city one network solution 5