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    Enterprise IP Bearing Network

    Stable and Agile, Facilitating Enterprise Digital Transformation


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Enterprise IP Bearing Network

As finance and large enterprises accelerate digital transformation and service migration to the cloud, enterprise networks are transforming from the support system to production system. Today, network transformation faces three challenges:

• Networks cannot meet requirements for low latency and lossless transmission in the Cloud 2.0 era;
• Requirements for all-scenario interconnection of enterprise office and ubiquitous access of smart IoT cannot be swiftly met due to the single enterprise access mode, low cloud connection efficiency, and networks that cannot keep up with the speed of cloud;
• Widely distributed campuses and decentralized O&M mean that the HQ lacks awareness of the overall network's running status, hindering network management and control.

In response to these challenges, Huawei enterprise IP bearing network builds one unified enterprise network covering backbone and branch access, provides unified planning, management, and operation, supports on-demand access, and is both agile and stable, accelerating enterprise digital transformation.


Layered network decoupling, stability, and agility, empowering enterprise digital transformation

Flexible Installation

Agile, One-Hop Cloud Access

• Zero-touch deployment of new devices, 5-minute service provisioning
• Ubiquitous access of multiple models in the SD-WAN solution
• Cost-effective solution, and intelligent traffic steering for 5G and wired links

Continuous Security

Stable, Reliable, Optimal Experience

• SRv6 to branches, E2E path optimization
• Hierarchical slicing, and network SLA assurance
• 1000+ slices and Mbps-level granularity

Intelligent O&M

• Intensive Management and Control
• Global visibility, proactive O&M
• Locating of typical faults in minutes


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