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    e-Gov. Network Portfolio Solution

    Making "Better Governance" a Reality


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e-Gov. Networks: Intensive Construction, Service-Oriented

e-Gov. networks are the central piece of e-Gov. infrastructures and essential for digital governments to share data and orchestrate services. With the development of digital government services, e-Gov. networks are undergoing three major transformations.

• Intensive construction: e-Gov. network self-construction is shifting to service-oriented procurement, and independent private network construction by different departments is shifting to centralized network construction.

• Management-operations separation/Construction-operations separation: The rights and responsibilities of management, operations, and construction parties are clear and coordinated, improving service capabilities.

• Service-oriented operations: Service catalogs are created based on users' service requirements to provide differentiated SLA guarantee.

Huawei's e-Gov. network portfolio solution is in line with the servitization trend of digital government. It aims to build urban networks featuring wide coverage, converged service bearing, and differentiated services for pan-government customers, thereby enabling intensive construction and service-oriented operations of e-Government networks.


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Intelligent Operations

• Intensive construction, unified operations, lower costs
• Service catalog-based, pay-per-use external services
• Network Smart-cockpit, automated service processes

Business Protection

Guaranteed Network Service Experience

• Visualized services, user-friendly networks
• One-click service provisioning, committed service SLAs
• Wide coverage, ubiquitous services

Simplified O&M

• Professional O&M team established based on service-oriented standards, improving O&M efficiency
• Unified O&M, network-wide visibility, manageability, and controllability
• AI-based intelligent O&M, fast fault demarcation and rectification

Portfolio Solutions


e-Gov. IP Bearing Network

Build e-Gov. IP bearing networks with wide coverage, converged service bearing, service awareness, and differentiated services to enable intensive network construction and high-quality services.


Metro Optical Transport Network

The Metro Optical Transport Network solution builds ultra-fast, secure, and premium all-optical infrastructure for government affairs.

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Network Smart-cockpit

Facilitating efficient operation of government and enterprise networks.