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    Inclusive mobile connectivity solution

    Government-led, inclusive wireless connectivity for remote villages, highways, hospitals, schools, and municipal public places。


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Inclusive mobile connectivity solution

Inclusive mobile connectivity invested by the governments is to provide primary communication and internet for villages, public areas, schools, clinics, highways, borders, and islands in remote areas to promote local social and economic development.

Challenges in implementing inclusive mobile connectivity:
• Higher costs in civil engineering, transmission, power supply, and transportation for remote sites;
• Lower revenue per site for fewer and scattered users. The return on investment (ROI) is generally longer than 5 years, which leads to low willingness to invest in construction, slow process, and low coverage rate in these remote areas.

To overcome these challenges, Huawei launches the RuraStar series solution. It can help the governments build mobile networks at low costs fast, enables people in remote areas to connect to the digital world, and improves conditions in communication, education, healthcare, employment, and finance as well. It also has the critical communication capability of trunking and dispatching to help the governments respond to disasters and emergencies quickly.


Flexible Networking

Configurable solution based on the sacle and localities of users

Support scenarios such as villages, public areas, schools, clinics, islands, roads and borders with different sacles ranging from hundreds to thousands of people; support LTE relay, microwave, or satellite backhaul. support 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, roaming, and base station sharing

40 reduce cost

Simplified solution, saving investment

The RuralStar series solution uses low power consumption devices, simplifies power supply and infrastructure (simplified poles, cable-free, and fence-free), and uses various technologies for backhaul. This solution solves the problems such as lack of stable power supply in remote areas, high infrastructure costs, difficult deployment for backhaul, and long period of construction

Digital Operations

One network for multiple purposes, creating economic and social value

From providing voice for rural residents to providing online education for schools and online treatment for clinics, equitable education and inclusive health care are achieved. From providing telephone and internet for residents to providing professional emergency communications for governments, quick response to disasters and emergencies is guaranteed


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