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    NHP Optical Communication Solution

    NHP Technology Builds Private Production Networks to Facilitate the Digital Transformation of Industries


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NHP Optical Communication Solution

The industry production network is the foundation for secure production, digital management, and intelligent control. Industry digitalization and intelligent security supervision have resulted in a surge in traffic. SDH can provide a maximum of only 10 Gbit/s bandwidth, which hinders new service development and calls for the upgrade and reconstruction of the production network.

By integrating the SDH and OSU technologies, Huawei NHP optical communication solution, while being fully compatible with SDH, uses OTN to provide ultra-high bandwidth, thereby providing high security, high reliability, and ultra-high bandwidth. This solution also leverages the OSU technology to enable hitless bandwidth adjustment from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s and supports smooth upgrade to beyond 100 Gbit/s, helping build a future-oriented industry production network.

Gain the Edge

Continuous Security

High security and reliability

High security: optical native hard pipes (NHPs, SDH/OSU), μs-level deterministic latency
High reliability: hitless SDH switching and ASON multi-path protection, ensuring zero interruption of services

Ultra-Broadband Interconnection

Ultra-high bandwidth

Ultra-broadband: Optical NHPs support stepless rate adjustment from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s and single-wavelength 400 Gbit/s. Converged: PCM/PDH/SDH/PKT/OTN/OSU, unified bearing of multiple services

Intelligent O&M

Intelligent: visualized O&M and one alarm for each fault, improving O&M efficiency by 70% Agile: one-click E2E service provisioning, one-hop service access to the cloud, and minute-level service provisioning


Huawei NHP optical communication solution uses the NHP technology to build an all-optical target network from the access layer to the aggregation layer and then to the core layer. The PCM/PDH/SDH/PKT/OTN/OSU 6-in-1 platform supports flexible access of any service.

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• Production services with real-time control have high requirements on reliability and latency, and so are carried by SDH or OSU hard pipes.

• Integrated data services, such as office and surveillance services, are carried by packet soft pipes to improve bandwidth utilization.

• TDM-based physical isolation prevents services from affecting each other to ensure high security.

• The iMaster NCE enables intelligent deployment and O&M, providing users with premium network experiences.



Real-World Success