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Unlicensed PMP Microwave

RTN510 is a Point to Multi-Point (PMP) microwave system that works in the unlicensed frequency band of 4.91 GHz to 5.97 GHz.

  • LOS/Non-LOS transmission and flexible PMP networking
  • Highly efficient broadband backhaul for large numbers of video security and information sites 
  • Widely applied in oil and gas field monitoring, campus interconnection, and broadband coverage

Listen to Our Customers

  • 0101

    Madagascan Ministry

    The host of 16th summit of the Francophonie Summit Madagascar government need the rapid construction of reliable video monitoring transmission system, Huawei provides point to multipoint microwave covering the airport, the presidential palace and the venue, etc.



Model RTN510 AP (Access Point) RTN510 RT (Remote Terminal)
Frequency Range 5 GHz:4910 – 5970 MHz
Channel Spacing 10|20|40|80 MHz
RF Functions GPS Synchronization
DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection)
AM (Adaptive Modulation)
Throughput 750 Mbps 250 Mbps
Ports 1*GE(o),1* GE(e),
1*GE (PoE)
1*GE (PoE)
Power Consumption 25W Typical 10W Typical
Power Supply AC/DC/PoE
Protection class IP67
Operation Temperature -40°C ~ +60°C

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