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All-Inclusive Object Capture with Pervasive Intelligence

  • eXtra (X) Series

  • Magic (M) Series

X jifeiren

One X Series Software-Defined Camera (SDC) can connect to multiple regular cameras nearby to add intelligence to them. The X Series cameras are also equipped with a T-shot intelligent snapshot engine and support concurrent running of multiple algorithms. They can simultaneously capture motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and pedestrians.

M1221-F 2-Megapixel Face Capture Box Camera

M Series cameras support associative snapshots and recognition of body and faces and can simultaneously capture up to 50 face images per frame in densely populated scenes.

Why Huawei Omni-Data Structuring Cameras?

  • Open Edge Computing
    Computing Power Sharing

    Collaborative sharing of computing power accelerates intelligent transformation of the security industry. With superior computing power, a Huawei SDC can connect to multiple common cameras to add intelligence to these cameras, maximizing the ROI throughout the device lifecycle.

  • High Accuracy
    Omni-Data Structuring for Objects

    Classified detection and feature extraction of faces, bodies, motor vehicles, and non-motor vehicles in live video streams, greatly improving search efficiency.

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