Huawei MiniFTTO Solution Wins Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2022


[Tokyo, Japan, June 15, 2022] During the Interop Tokyo 2022, Huawei MiniFTTO solution that feature premium experience and simple O&M won the Interop 2022 Best of Show Award Runners-up.

Huawei MiniFTTO solution won the Runners-up Award at Interop 2022

The Interop 2022, is the most influential ICT exhibition in Japan. The Best of Show Award is intended to recognize the most innovative and valuable products that are participating in the event by a panel of independent judges. The judges said: "The Huawei MiniFTTO solution applies operators' passive optical network technologies to enterprises' all-optical network solutions, overcoming the weakness of copper line networks." Compared with Ethernet switches, Huawei MiniFTTO is more cost effective in micro and small sized enterprise scenarios and deserve the award.

The innovative Huawei MiniFTTO solution extends fibers to rooms, desktops, and corners, creating a light-speed experience within reach. The industry's first five-in-one main gateway integrates firewalls, routing, AC, single-fiber networking, and centralized power supply functions. This reduces networking devices and implements convergence of optical, electrical, and wired and wireless networks, meeting fast network construction requirements. Mobile app has been introduced for network deployment, fault locating and real-time network management, improving network performance, reducing construction costs, and lowering technical barriers.

For such micro and small sized enterprises, Huawei MiniFTTO solution is a superior networking choice that provides premium network quality, flexible deployment, and easier O&M. Huawei MiniFTTO is helping such customers as SOHO, kindergarten, clinics, restaurants, supermarkets, and KTVs, accelerating their business success.

Huawei will continue to work with global partners to provide customers with premium solutions and services to help enterprises realize digital transformation.