Huawei Launches the Intelligent Data Center Service Solution, Accelerating Enterprises' Digital Transformation


[Shenzhen, China, February 27, 2020] At the Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2020 which was livestreamed globally, Huawei officially released its Intelligent Data Center Service Solution. This service can help customers design, build and operate the world's high-reliability (Tier-4), green and intelligent data centers. With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) can be reduced by 8%-15%.

New technology is leading digital transformation: AI, IoT, and 5G are being widely deployed, and various industry sectors, such as finance, governments, manufacturing, and media, are on a digital journey. As the intelligent brain of a digital enterprise, advanced data centers will be in great demand. With this in mind, and based on Huawei's years of practice in ICT this full-lifecycle, one-stop service solution, provides customers with consulting & design, integration implementation, intelligent operation and maintenance (O&M), and operation support.

Hank Stokbroekx, VP of Enterprise Service, Huawei Enterprise, at the launch of the Intelligent Data Center Service Solution

Hank Stokbroekx, Vice President of Enterprise Service, Huawei Enterprise BG, is launching the Intelligent Data Center Service Solution

At the conference, Hank Stokbroekx, Vice President of Enterprise Service, Huawei Enterprise BG, said "Large data centers will be both the focus and the challenge of the future. A super-large data center must have five features: resource convergence, high power efficiency, business continuity, technological innovation, and intelligence."

Based on extensive experience and best practices, Huawei can provide customers with the best services for their data center:

Consulting & Design service: Huawei experts help customers review their business strategy, evaluate data center investments, and combine business and IT strategies referring to industry standards such as TOGAF and ADM. These experts work with enterprise IT managers to develop KPIs and facilitate adjustments to their IT investment to meet changing business needs.

Integration implementation service: leveraging automatic tools such as I·Designer, the industry-leading cloud-based integration design platform, enterprises can pre-test and pre-verify data center construction solutions. As a result resources can be allocated at an optimal ratio. This makes integration implementation is easier to perform, with a potential 50% reduction in the onsite construction period.

Intelligent O&M service: Data center O&M is the key to continuous operation of data centers. Huawei's Intelligent O&M platform has achieved technological breakthroughs, such as automatic monitoring and AI-enabled fault prediction. By using this platform, O&M service staff can implement automatic data center O&M, increasing O&M efficiency by 20%.

Operation support service: Based on successful digital operation experience in applications, resources, projects, and data, Huawei has developed the operation support service to help customers operate data centers, including monitoring, prediction, warning, coordination, decision-making, and command. With this service, customers can reduce repeated investment and construction costs by 20%, and increase data sharing efficiency.

Moreover, Hank presented that the high-quality intelligent data center service solution provided by Huawei is both green and intelligent.

Green: Both the modular data center solution and L1-L3 resource convergence features greatly reduce the physical space occupied. The built-in energy-saving AI algorithm can reduce the PUE to 1.2, reaching an industry-leading level.

Intelligent: 3D modeling and the Control Flow Diagram (CFD) software help to simulate the data center construction. Smart IDC quickly collects system information and generates reports in one click, providing accurate input for planning and design. I·Migrator provides one-stop solution generation and technical management services, greatly reducing data center operation risks.

Huawei has established a comprehensive global service assurance system and accumulated extensive experience in data center construction. By 2019, we worked with more than 500 industry experts and 4200+ partners worldwide, helping global enterprises build 1000+ data centers, totaling an area of more than 2.4 million square meters.

*Data source: Huawei's actual projects.