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Tři nejdůležitější důvody pro budování Wi-Fi a IoT konvergenčních sítí

zhangsu 2019-12-31
ICT infrastruktura může splňovat rostoucí požadavky prostředí bohatých na data napříč obory pouze díky konvergenci zařízení IoT a Wi-Fi sítí.

Future-Ready Infrastructure: Building the Foundation for the Next Generation of Smart Cities

Urbanization is accelerating across the globe, with an increasing number of people living and working in cities. In an effort to match this trend, governments in the Middle East have adopted various policies ranging from greenfield developments touted as future cities (such as NEOM in Saudi Arabia), to accelerating urban digital transformation (Doha), and incorporating a 'happiness' oriented mindset (Dubai). Infrastructure investments lie at the heart of all such efforts, but they are capital-intensive and time-consuming. Therefore, future plans need to accommodate for much longer-term growth, addressing the huge volume of users as well as their evolving requirements.