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    Radio Television of Serbia Enriches the Studio Experience with HUAWEI IdeaHub

Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) is the country's oldest and most important broadcaster, producing diverse content, from news and drama to sports programming. With its operations spanning radio, television, and the Internet, approximately 2500 employees work across 12 television channels, eight radio stations, an Over The Top (OTT) platform, and a website and smartphone app.

Viewers Deserve the Best

Television is central to many families' lives. What channels people turn to first — and why — is a key question that all broadcasters seek to answer and understand.

Today, of course, viewers have a huge variety of choice, making it that much harder for any individual broadcaster to grab attention. But one way to stand out is to adopt the latest technology, in order to give audiences a richer viewing experience. And today, vivid and dynamic display solutions can help production teams create and distribute content that truly engages.

As such, RTS has always been regarded as a progressive broadcaster, eager to embrace innovative technology. It was no surprise, then, when, in 2021, they began to search for a next generation in-studio display solution.

The basic idea was to make the studio more attractive — not to mention functional — without taking up too much space. RTS wanted to move away from a traditional approach, where a newsreader or anchor is static, stuck behind a desk, toward a presenter with complete control over a smart screen. That required a solution with an intuitive, user-centric design. RTS also needed any display to offer high-resolution and excellent picture quality, it goes without saying.

Powering a Newsroom with HUAWEI IdeaHub

In short, RTS was looking for a solution that would look good on camera as well as be flexible and efficient to use.

Huawei suggested its newest IdeaHub series of enterprise smart screens. Everything on HUAWEI IdeaHub begins with a modern, user-centric design. It features a large 4K display with high-quality videoconferencing capabilities that are great for conducting remote interviews from the studio, in turn bringing down production costs.

Videoconferencing is conducted in crisp, full 1080p High Definition (HD), with a flexible layout automatically switching between site views depending on who's speaking. Positioned at the top of the screen, IdeaHub's camera automatically zooms in on speakers using fast, accurate speaker tracking, with the AutoFrame function automatically adjusting the camera angle according to the number of people in front of the camera.

Beyond visuals, IdeaHub's audio performance also stands out: delivering hi-fi audio, an array of 12 microphones uses beamforming technology to pick-up human voices over a distance of 8 m, a real boon for interviews, too.

In addition, IdeaHub functions as an interactive whiteboard, allowing studio presenters to write on it digitally, interacting with content, with a latency of just 35 ms: like writing with a pen on paper.

HUAWEI IdeaHub can be connected to mobile phones and computer devices, wirelessly. Screens can also be shared from remote sites, helping to push breaking news at speed, for example. Wireless projection really is a big plus, especially when groups meet to share content: IdeaHub allows up to 20 people to share, easily switching between presentations as they all connect wirelessly to the screen.

Exploring a New Style of Entertaining Audiences

HUAWEI IdeaHub has transformed the life of the newsroom. With high-quality imaging and video meeting the needs of the TV studio, hosts and guests can interact using the screen, drawing on it to create graphics, play videos, and more. In short, it helps presenters better connect to audiences, and that keeps people coming back for more.

"The high quality of HUAWEI IdeaHub is a perfect solution for our broadcast studio," said Dejan Jovanović, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at RTS. "It's a fantastic addition and gives us many creative options. The use of the technology is intuitive and very easy. With no additional training, our TV hosts were able to work out how to use IdeaHub in minutes."

HUAWEI IdeaHub in the News Studio at RTS

Empowered with HUAWEI IdeaHub, RTS can now focus on delivering the best possible experience to its audience. This critical competitive advantage is just what the company was hoping for, helping it to stand out in a fiercely competitive broadcasting market.