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The digital economy has become a key driver for global economic growth. Meanwhile, emerging digital industries and enterprise digital transformation have raised higher requirements on data center networks, including more agile and intelligent service innovation and elastic network capacity expansion.

In 2021, Huawei's L3 autonomous driving data center network implemented high-level automation within a single network. Now, Huawei has launched the L3.5 autonomous driving data center network, which implements unified management and flexible orchestration and collaboration in multi-cloud and multi-vendor networks, as well as full-lifecycle intelligent capabilities such as simulation and verification, risk prediction, and unified O&M of applications and networks.

Huawei's L3.5 data center autonomous driving network can also interconnect with customers' legacy IT management systems to automate the entire process, achieving easy deployment, easy O&M, and easy evolution.

To better work with industry players and customers to build consensus, share experience, and collaborate in innovation, Huawei and IEEE jointly released the L3.5 Data Center Autonomous Driving Network White Paper, in which they define seven typical use cases across four industries. This white paper describes Huawei's data center autonomous driving network solution from the perspectives of requirement background, solution architecture, and autonomous driving levels, with the aim of providing a point of reference for industry players and customers.

Key Features

  • Easy deployment

    • Fast deployment
    • Automatic rollout
    • Accurate configuration

  • Easy O&M

    • Lossless upgrade
    • Automatic troubleshooting
    • Network health evaluation

  • Easy evolution

    • Unified heterogeneous management
    • Multi-cloud evolution
    • Unified protocol

Data Center Autonomous Driving Network Architecture

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