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  • UnionBank of the Philippines Leads the New Era of Intelligent Finance with Huawei High-Quality CloudCampus Network

    UnionBank das Filipinas lidera a nova era de finanças inteligentes com a rede CloudCampus de alta qualidade da Huawei

UnionBank Chooses Huawei High-Quality CloudCampus to Build a Best-in-Class Financial Campus, delivering Faster, More Secure, and Highly Adaptable Services Across Campuses and Branches.

UnionBank of the Philippines (UnionBank, for short) is one of the leading banks in Asia, ranking among the Philippines' top universal banks in terms of profitability and efficiency. Over the years, UnionBank has garnered a whole host of honors and recognitions, including 4-time Digital Bank of the Year by The Asset Triple A, Asia Pacific's Digital Trailblazer by IDC Asia Pacific, and many more. Most recently, it was named the Most Recommended Retail Bank in Asia Pacific by

UnionBank continues to forge ahead on the road to digital transformation, and was among the first to embrace technological innovations and lead customers towards future banking services.

In the traditional banking phase, UnionBank came to the realization that digitalization can bring immense benefits to customer experience. This triggered UnionBank to quickly introduce services such as online banking, mobile banking, and digital ATM, providing customers with all-round financial convenience. UnionBank also put forward its own future-proof banking vision. With this vision, it embraces the concept of metaverse, which seamlessly merges the physical and digital worlds to allow customers to experience financial services in an immersive and ultra-fast interconnected virtual environment.

Whether embracing digitalization or envisioning a metaverse future, UnionBank aims to create a financial landscape that seamlessly integrates technology, convenience, and customization. Against this backdrop, UnionBank cooperates with Huawei, not only for technology, but also for empowering itself to become the bank of the future.

UnionBank of the Philippines Leads the New Era of Intelligent Finance with Huawei High-Quality CloudCampus Network-1

In 2019, UnionBank began working with Huawei, choosing Huawei High-Quality CloudCampus Network Solution to smoothly evolve its network infrastructures and refresh the networks of three campuses and more than 200 branches. In doing so, it provided customers with faster, more secure, and satisfactory financial services.

• For campus scenarios, UnionBank selects Huawei CloudEngine S series switches coupled with AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 series products and solutions. This combination enables ultra-broadband core and aggregation, all-scenario Wi-Fi 6 access, and fully-wireless continuous networking.

• For branch scenarios, UnionBank opts for the Huawei SD-WAN solution to enable rapid deployment and on-demand interconnection of multiple branches. In addition, it adopts application-based intelligent traffic steering to ensure the financial service experience.

• For O&M scenarios, UnionBank uses Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus and iMaster NCE-CampusInsight to integrate LAN/WAN management, control, and analysis, as well as visualize O&M and experience.

UnionBank of the Philippines Leads the New Era of Intelligent Finance with Huawei High-Quality CloudCampus Network-2

Chester Dino B. Velasco Vice resident at UnionBank, said, "Huawei's high-quality campus network has been instrumental in helping UnionBank evolve its network infrastructure, enabling us to provide faster, more secure, and highly adaptable services to our customers across multiple campuses and branches."

Huawei and UnionBank are building a future-proof partnership for jointly creating high-quality 10 Gbps financial campus, enabling UnionBank to offer customers industry-leading financial services. Together, we will embark on an exciting journey towards a better future.