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Power Transmission Communications Network

As more IP-enabled electrical grids become operational, a growing number of advanced services such as telepresence conferencing, video surveillance, and office automation can be provided. However, traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) communication networks cannot effectively carry these advanced services. Transforming communication networks over electric power grids requires high bandwidth and reliability, simultaneous transmission of TDM and IP services, and complex communication interfaces. Ultimately, electric power industry operators need to build combined TDM/IP communications infrastructure that can provide a variety of services and prevents multiple points of failure.

Huawei’s solution combines TDM with two IP-based networking methods: Hybrid MSTP IP and OTN/WDM IP. An Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) integrates these three networking methods. ASON is an intelligent optical network that efficiently interoperates with legacy networks and automatically manages signaling and routing. Previously, cross-connections needed to be configured among network elements (such as an optical switch) to create new traffic paths. ASON also provides defense against multiple points of failure.

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  • Chip-Level Hard Pipes

    Securely isolates key services and ensures efficient, reliable transmission.

  • High Reliability

    Provides lossless relay protection, achieving high reliability and automatic switchover.

  • Reduces CAPEX

    Delivers power communication over 3.4 km UHV without relay.

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