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What is Intelligent Computing?

  • Superior Compute Power

  • Cloud-Edge Collaboration

  • Versatile

  • E2E Integrated Solutions

The Third Industrial Revolution, characterized by information technology, launched the world into the digital era. The Fourth Industrial Revolution featuring intelligent technology is now gaining momentum across the world and will propel society into a more-intelligent era.

Computing has been constantly at the heart of technology advancement, and is also the pivotal force underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Huawei Intelligent Computing draws on its best expertise in compute, management, Artificial Intelligence (AI), storage, and network core chips to build full-stack intelligent solutions covering a range of Cloud-Edge-Device scenarios. Huawei intelligent computing products and solutions deliver unrivaled compute power to catalyze the intelligent transformation of traditional data centers and industries, leading the way forward to a fully connected, intelligent world.

Find Out How We Help Our Customers Succeed

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    As a supermarket Operations Manager

    Huawei Builds Bank Virtualized App Platform

    A virtualization system is installed on Huawei’s RH5885 V2 four-socket servers, and IT services are deployed on Virtual Machines (VMs).

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    As the Director of Operations of an Internet company

    Cloud disk services can be provided for 1 million users every day, giving users the same experience as if they were accessing local disks.

    Huawei AI Fabric Solution leverages its ultra-high-speed lossless Ethernet with zero packet loss and low latency to support distributed storage applications. The IOPS performance of the storage cluster is improved by 25.3%, close to the read capability of a local disk.

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    As a government Security Administrator

    Secure over 50 service systems every day by proactively defending against 10,000 plus unknown threats to ensure comprehensive information security.

    With Huawei’s Intent-Driven CloudCampus Solution, faster detection of unknown threats of encrypted traffic reduces the Mean-Time-To-Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Respond (MTTR) to less than 24 hours, enabling transformation from passive defense to proactive defense.


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