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    Perimeter Protection Site

    Deploy high-accuracy, long-distance protection for safer perimeters


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Perimeter Protection Site

When it comes to critical infrastructure like railways, airports, and oil and gas pipelines, the perimeter protection system comes up against significant challenges. The perimeter itself is extensive, the inspection routes are long, and the surrounding environment is complex. This complexity often leads to blind spots and high chances of missed alarms. Existing protective technologies are susceptible to external environmental factors, resulting in decreased identification capabilities during the night and in heavy wind and rain, which increases the likelihood of false alarms. Moreover, current equipment lacks the ability to automatically identify intrusion targets, necessitating substantial manual review efforts that are both time-consuming and inefficient. Huawei's perimeter protection site solution benefits from convergent perception, intelligent and simplified deployment, and remote backhaul. It enables full-coverage, all-weather, and intelligent protection to meet increasingly refined perimeter safety requirements.


Convergent perception

• Accuracy > 95%
• < 0.1 false alarms/km/day
• 5-meter positioning accuracy

Rapid Deployment

Easy to deploy

• Modular integration and one-stop delivery
• Intelligent monitoring, no need to climb up poles

High Integration

Remote backhaul

• Multiple types of networking and full-scenario network coverage
• Long distance, large bandwidth, low latency, and seamless backhaul


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products2 optixsense ef3000 f50

Huawei OptiXsense EF3000-F50

Huawei OptiXsense EF3000-F50 is a distributed optical fiber sensing system designed for perimeter security protection. It can quickly identify and accurately locate intrusions, and report alarms using optical fibers routed in perimeter fences to implement online real-time monitoring and security warning. It provides unattended inspection for protecting large perimeters such as railway and airport perimeters.

OptiXstar T602E

OptiXstar T602E

The OptiXstar T602E is an industrial-grade ONU for the Huawei Industrial Optical Network solution. It provides one GPON upstream ports on the network side and four GE Ethernet ports on the user side. Provide safe and reliable industrial production network solutions for manufacturing factory and other industries.

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Based on the next-generation high-performance hardware and Huawei's unified software platform, the CloudEngine S5735-S-V2 series switches support enhanced Layer 3 features, easy O&M, flexible Ethernet networking, and mature IPv6 features. These switches can be used in various application scenarios, such as the access and aggregation layers of enterprise campuses, and the access layer of data centers.

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Huawei CloudEngine S5735I-S-V2 series industrial switches (DIN rail-mounted) are next-generation industrial switches that provide flexible all-gigabit access and GE/10GE uplinks. They stand out with an industrial-grade operating temperature range to withstand harsh outdoor cabinet environments. As such, they can be widely used in extended operating temperature range scenarios, such as smart manufacturing, smart mining, smart transportation, safe city, and electric power.

Huawei OptiXaccess EA5801E-GP16

Huawei OptiXaccess EA5801E-GP16

A box-shaped OLT that requires only 1U installation space, offering small-scale AP convergence and meeting the service-bearing requirements for enterprises.