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Three IT Transformations,
Driving Ethernet Evolution for DCNs

As enterprise digital transformation gains momentum, data has become a key production factor. In turn, data centers — responsible for data computing, storage, and forwarding — have now become the single most important piece of critical digital infrastructure. As a result, data center Information Technology (IT) architecture, computing units, and storage media are all undergoing a seismic shift, driving Data Center Networks (DCNs) as a whole to evolve from multi-protocol to all-Ethernet.

  • IT Architecture
    Centralized  Distributed
    Server Ethernet interconnection
  • Computing Unit
    PCIe is replaced
    CPU/GPU Ethernet interconnection
  • Storage Media
    HDD  SSD
    All-flash storage Ethernet interconnection

Huawei's CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged DCN Solution helps enterprises unleash the power of next generation hyper-converged DCNs. Doing so, it allows them to gain actionable insights from transient data, accelerate digital transformation, and drive the development of the digital economy. Indeed, with more than 12,000 customers, the effectiveness of this solution has already been widely proven the world over.

Three Characteristics of Next Generation Hyper-Converged DCNs

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    Lossless Ethernet

    Converges transmission of diverse traffic of three networks through lossless Ethernet at the physical network layer.
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    Automated Full-Lifecycle Management

    Converges network management, control, and analysis, and integrates data of multiple management platforms and tools at the network control layer.
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    All-Scenario NaaS

    Converges multiple service scenarios and centralizes computing power from different regions and scenarios at the orchestration layer.
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    Data Center Solutions

    One size fits no one — a solution designed for your enterprise’s needs.

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    Huawei Data Center Switches Recognized as a Leader by Forrester

    Driving data center networks into the intelligent era.

Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 Provides You with

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    Lossless Ethernet for HPC

    Ensures zero packet loss in any short-distance transmission scenario.

    Doubles computing power without changing the size of the compute cluster.

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    Lossless Ethernet for Storage (NOF+)

    Builds lossless, highly reliable, and plug-and-play storage networks in data centers.

    Achieves long-distance lossless transmission in intra-city active-active scenarios.

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    E2E Intelligent Deployment

    Builds the industry's first L3 autonomous network with End to End (E2E) intelligence spanning solution design and evaluation, and configuration delivery and verification.

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    Network-Wide Intelligent O&M

    Builds a network knowledge graph to detect faults within 1 minute, locate them within 3, and rectify them within 5.

Datacom Online

HAS 2020: CloudFabric 2.0, Leading Data Center Networks into the Intelligence Era

2020/05/20, Shenzhen

Huawei launched its CloudFabric 2.0 Data Center Network Solution, an upgraded solution that delivers high-density 400 GE super capacity, a zero-packet-loss intelligent experience, and autonomous driving, leading data center networks into the intelligence era.


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