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Three IT Transformations,
Driving Ethernet Evolution for DCNs

As enterprise digital transformation gains momentum, data has become a key production factor. In turn, data centers — responsible for data computing, storage, and forwarding — have now become the single most important piece of critical digital infrastructure. As a result, data center Information Technology (IT) architecture, computing units, and storage media are all undergoing a seismic shift, driving Data Center Networks (DCNs) as a whole to evolve from multi-protocol to all-Ethernet.

  • IT Architecture
    Centralized  Distributed
    Servers and switches connected, symbolizing the centralized-to-distributed transformation of Ethernet interconnection
    Server Ethernet interconnection
  • Computing Unit
    PCIe is replaced
    CPU and GPU computing unit boards connecting to the motherboard with Ethernet as opposed to PCIe
    CPU/GPU Ethernet interconnection
  • Storage Media
    HDD  SSD
    An SSD with NVMe architecture, which replaces HDDs and uses Ethernet interconnection
    All-flash storage Ethernet interconnection

Hyper-Converged DCN,
Unleashing Infinite Computing Power with Lossless Ethernet

Huawei's CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network Solution is a great fit to accelerate enterprises' agile innovations and facilitate construction of intensive and green integrated data centers. By implementing Ethernet-based lossless computing and storage networks, this solution unleashes 100% of computing power. It also leads the industry by building the first-of-its-kind L3.5 data center autonomous driving network.

  • Ultra-broadband

    768 x 400GE ports, highest density in the industry

  • Lossless

    industry's first lossless Ethernet, unleashing 100% of computing power

  • Intelligent

    industry's first L3.5 autonomous driving network, delivering 3-fold O&M efficiency

  • Green

    10+ patented heat dissipation techniques, consuming 47% less power per unit of computing power

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    Lossless Ethernet

    Converges transmission of diverse traffic of three networks through lossless Ethernet at the physical network layer.
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    Automated Full-Lifecycle Management

    Converges network management, control, and analysis, and integrates data of multiple management platforms and tools at the network control layer.
  • icon 3

    All-Scenario NaaS

    Converges multiple service scenarios and centralizes computing power from different regions and scenarios at the orchestration layer.

Huawei's Easy CloudFabric DCN Solution Provides You with

  • scenes 4

    L3.5 Autonomous Driving Network

    Builds the industry's first L3.5 autonomous network with E2E intelligence spanning solution design and evaluation, and configuration delivery and verification.

  • scenes 2

    Lossless Ethernet for Storage (NoF+)

    Builds lossless, highly reliable, and plug-and-play storage networks in data centers.

    Achieves long-distance lossless transmission in intra-city active-active scenarios.

  • scenes 1

    Lossless Ethernet for HPC

    Ensures zero packet loss in any short-distance transmission scenario.

    Doubles computing power without changing the size of the compute cluster.

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    Data Center Solutions

    One size fits no one — a solution designed for your enterprise’s needs.

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    Building Leading Digital Business Competitiveness with A Highly Autonomous Driven DCN

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    Huawei CloudFabric 3.0 Comes Top in L3.5 Data Center Autonomous Driving Networks

Network Vision

HC2022: Easy CloudFabric, Creating Ultimate Experience

Arthur Wang, Vice President of Huawei's Data Center Network Domain, sheds light on the highlights of the all-new CloudFabric 3.0 Solution. Huawei launched the Easy CloudFabric Solution — the latest upgrade to the CloudFabric 3.0 Data Center Network Solution — which stands out with three "easy" features: easy deployment, easy O&M, and easy evolution. The all-new solution creates an ultimate service experience for the hybrid cloud era, accelerating enterprise digital transformation.


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