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NE40E Series

NetEngine40E (NE40E) high-end universal service routers are designed to serve as core nodes on enterprise WANs, access nodes on large-scale enterprise networks, interconnection and aggregation nodes on campus networks, and edge nodes on large-scale IDC networks.

They are designed on a 2T platform and use Huawei-proprietary Solar chipsets and Versatile Routing Platform (VRP). The routers provide the industry’s largest-capacity 2T routing line cards and can be used in mature WAN SDN solutions. With high performance, low power consumption, innovative IP hard pipe technology, and capable of quick evolution, NE40E routers meet the low latency and high reliability requirements of business-critical services.

Industry-leading NE40Es have won a number of international awards and are widely used by governments and industries such as electric power, transportation, broadcasting and television, and finance.


Parameters NE40E-X16A NE40E-X16 NE40E-X8A NE40E-X8 NE40E-X3A NE40E-X3
81.92 Tbit/s 12.58 Tbit/s 25.16 Tbit/s 7.08 Tbit/s 2.76 Tbit/s 1.08 Tbit/s
Forwarding Performance 14,464 Mpps 5,760 Mpps 5,760 Mpps 2,880 Mpps 900 Mpps 540 Mpps
MPU Slots 2 2 2 2 2 2
SFU Slots 4 4 2 1 0 0
LPU Slots 16 16 8 8 3 3
(H x W x D)
1,778 mm x 442 mm x 650 mm (40U) 1,420 mm x 442 mm x 650 mm (32U) 930 mm x 442 mm x 650 mm (21U) 620 mm x 442 mm x 650 mm (14U) 264 mm x 442 mm x 664 mm (6U) 175 mm x 442 mm x 650 mm (DC 4U)
220 mm x 442 mm x 650 mm (AC 5U)
Maximum Power Consumption 9,040W (480G) 4,610W (120G)
7,970W (240G)
4,770W (480G) 2,340W (120G)
4,100W (240G)
600W (200G) 1,070W (AC)
920W (DC)
Weight in Full Configuration 356 kg (480G) 246 kg (120G)
279 kg (240G)
186 kg (480G) 119 kg (120G)
136 kg (240G)
75 kg (200G) 42 kg (DC)
52 kg (AC)
Parameters NE40E-M2H NE40E-M2K NE40E-F1A-14H24Q
Switching Capacity 960 Gbps 1.82 Tbps 4 Tbps
Forwarding Performance 330 Mpps 410 Mpps 820 Mpps
LPU Slots 2 2 0
Dimensions 89 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (2U) 88.1 mm x 442 mm x 220 mm (2U) 44 mm x 442 mm x 600 mm (1U)
Maximum Power Consumption 525W (AC) 309W (AC) 470W (AC)
487W (DC) 271W (DC) 470W (DC)
Weight in Full Configuration 11 kg (DC) 11 kg (DC) 11.95 kg (DC)
12 kg (AC) 12.2 kg (AC) 11.95 kg (AC)

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