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Huawei Releases the Campus Product Portfolio Solution to Enable Intelligent Campus


[Dubai, UAE, October 12, 2022] During HUAWEI CONNECT 2022, Huawei held a session on the Intelligent Campus themed "Redefining Intelligent Campus with ICT". Huawei officially released the Campus Product Portfolio Solution at the session to assist customers in the digital transformation and technology empowers the campus to be convenient, efficient and green. More than 200 industry experts, enterprises, and partners gathered together to explore the journey towards Intelligent Campus and seek ways to develop the whole industry.

Bob Chen, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG, Mahammad J Sear, Director of Ernst & Young Digital Government & Public Sector, Viga Liu, Director of Huawei Enterprise BG Intelligent Campus Solution Sales, Mohamed Salah, Vice President of TMG, Saleem Ahmed Shaikh, Managing Director of Magnus, Simon Chung, President of Chinasoft International Global Business, and Alex Wang, Director of the Integrated Solution Sales Dept of Huawei Middle East Enterprise BG, attended the session and delivered speeches.

Photograph of the Campus Product Portfolio Solution Launch Ceremony

Campuses are important components of cities. All types of campuses are faced with common challenges. Campus managers want to improve management efficiency, investors want to reduce costs and energy consumption, and personnel and visitors want to obtain convenient services. Bob Chen, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG, he mentioned that the in-depth integration of new ICTs and industry knowledge has unlocked the huge potential of technology, bringing new opportunities for intelligent campuses and enabling all-scenario intelligence in campuses. Huawei leverages the advantages of a full range of ICT products and uses technologies such as cloud computing, big data, 5G, AI, IoT, cloud-edge collaboration, network convergence, device-network awareness, and simplified O&M to build the industry's only ICT architecture with device-network-edge-cloud synergy. Moreover, Huawei deploys various terminals, such as IdeaHub, Wi-Fi AP and sensors, to manage data and services, and ensure security for campuses. The IP+optical network architecture is simplified. The ultra-long-distance (300 m to 1000 m) PoE power supply technology is used to simplify the 3-layer (access-aggregation-core) architecture of the campus network into 2-layer architecture, reducing investment and energy consumption. The solution provides diversified service applications. AI is used to reshape the campus security architecture, and the IdeaHub and Wi-Fi APs are coordinated to achieve efficient collaboration in office meetings. The intelligent operation center (IOC) integrates isolated service subsystems, improving the operational efficiency by more than 50%. With cutting-edge ICTs, Huawei redefines intelligent campus, achieving more convenient experience, greener operations, and more efficient management.

ICTs Drive Campus Digitalization, Redefining Campuses

TMG cooperates with Huawei to build a large-scale comprehensive community. TMG uses Huawei solutions including campus network (IP+POL), campus security protection, and convenient access to drive digital transformation. TMG and Huawei has established a long-term strategic partnership and are building intelligent campuses in numerous projects. Mohamed Salah, Vice President of TMG, he said ‘ICT is a bridge between the physical world and the digital world. Through the perception and connection of the physical world, the digitalization is realized. The continuous upgrading of the intelligent city and campus is inseparable from the continuous evolution of ICT technology. ’

Huawei proposes to redefine campuses with ICT. We will continue to work with partners to focus on valued scenarios and markets. We have built campus product portfolio solutions which have helped 600 global customers with their campus digitalization and produced good social and economic effects. Huawei insist on sharing our capabilities and best practices and wishes to innovate and grow together with our partners during digital transformation. Looking to the future, Huawei will continue to work with our customers and partners to build safe, green, and Intelligent Campuses.

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Mahammad J Sear

Driven by New ICTs, campus devices are going digital, IP-based, and intelligent. A digital and intelligent era of campuses is approaching.

Viga Liu

Huawei's campus product portfolio solution integrates ICT technologies and products in campus scenarios, helping government and enterprise customers to accelerate business success, achieve win-win industry digitalization, and redefine campuses.

Sultan Alkaabi

With the help of Huawei, AL forsan enable the resort with AI and technology to create a safe, comfortable, efficient, and green campus.

Mohamed Salah

ICT is a bridge between the physical world and the digital world. Through the perception and connection of the physical world, the digitalization is realized. The continuous upgrading of the intelligent campus is inseparable from the continuous evolution of ICT technology.

Saleem Ahmed Shaikh

As a partner of Huawei, HOLOWITS uses Software-Defined Cameras as the core to provide intelligent campus security solutions, helping customers shift from traditional campus security to intelligent management, to achieve highly-efficient management, innovative services, and business success.

Simon Chung

As a long-term strategic partner of Huawei, Chinasoft International actively cooperates with Huawei to help enterprises better unlock digital productivity and embrace the opportunities of the digital era through Intelligent Campuses, cloud desktops, content collaboration platforms, and IT service innovation.

Alex Wang

We are grateful to our customers and partners for walking together through trials and hardships. It is difficult to solve complex problems with a single technology. We need an open, symbiotic, and win-win ecosystem to create a better future.