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  • Huawei MSP Cloud Management Helps TD Africa Establish a New Benchmark for Network Managed Services

    Huawei MSP Cloud Management Helps TD Africa Establish a New Benchmark for Network Managed Services

As one of the top distributors of Huawei Nigeria, TD Africa has more than 7000 active partners worldwide and a strong market influence. With a forward-looking strategic vision, TD Africa successfully builds an MSP-owned cloud platform based on iMaster NCE-Campus for MSPs. This rentable and sellable platform can provide leasing services for small and medium partners. This attracts more partners to participate in market development, in turn bringing more business opportunities.

Founded in May 1999, TD Africa is a pioneering ICT distributor in West Africa. Backed by effective partnership policies and a refined hierarchical distributor system, TD Africa has not only become a distributor for Huawei in Sub-Saharan Africa, but has also established itself as a key contributor to the cutting-edge technologies, services, and solutions across the region.

However, in Nigeria, many small and medium partners lack professional IT teams and network O&M capabilities, preventing them from attracting local business customers. These customers require efficient and flexible network management and O&M services, so that they can focus on developing their own core services. African partners urgently need to find a way to meet these requirements.

In 2023, TD Africa released Technology as a Service (TaaS) to implement the value-added distribution strategy. TaaS is a solution that bundles hardware, software, and services into a single predictable subscription package. It aims to help small and medium partners better focus on their core services and convert CAPEX into OPEX, enabling enterprises to quickly implement digital transformation as required to improve their market competitiveness. Above all, TaaS requires a cloud-based management and O&M platform to provide subscription-based network solutions for customers.

Empowering TD Africa to Better Serve Business Partners

To help small and medium partners expand into markets, Huawei's project team recommends the MSP model of iMaster NCE-Campus based on the TD Africa's value-added distribution strategy and TaaS. This helps TD Africa unleash more value from service capabilities and increase long-term return on investment (ROI) for small and medium partners and their customers. After careful observation and trialing, TD Africa finally chose iMaster NCE-Campus for MSPs and set up an MSP team.

As a smart brain and simplified O&M center for campus networks, Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus helps customers remotely and centrally manage their headquarters and branches. The platform integrates the advanced network digital map to help users accurately detect the network status and quality in real time, thereby gaining insights into the network running status. In addition to comprehensive technical solutions, Huawei also provides TD Africa with an MSP business model featuring "4x Easy".

  • Easy to sell: Huawei iMaster NCE-Campus is rentable and sellable. In this way, sales packages and accounting modes can be designed based on customers' service targets. Through on-premises deployment of iMaster NCE-Campus, TD Africa provides basic support for small and medium partners, and flexibly charges them based on the number of online tenants and devices, which effectively reduces partners' investment in infrastructure. This business model not only enhances customer loyalty, but also improves revenue for partners, achieving win-win results.
  • Easy to deliver: Easy-Branch deployment is supported to enable partners to quickly deploy small branch networks in batches. Specifically, upon one-time configuration of a branch network, the configuration data can be fully replicated to deploy similar branch networks. In this way, the deployment time of a single branch network is shortened to minutes, improving efficiency by 85%.
  • Easy to maintain: iMaster NCE-Campus is a network automation and intelligence system that integrates management, control, analysis, and AI functions. By interconnecting with iMaster NCE-CampusInsight, iMaster NCE-Campus brings partners a brand-new network O&M tool — network digital map. The map can clearly display the network, service, and end user information of each customer, support network fault locating within minutes, and proactively push fault information. In addition, iMaster NCE-Campus supports one-click optimization of detected network faults, greatly improving the work efficiency of O&M engineers.
  • Easy to develop: The platform provides combined functions such as Wi-Fi, LAN, and WAN management functions, increasing the profit margin of new services by 35%. In addition, the platform supports energy-saving technologies, reducing power consumption on the entire network by 13%. These key capabilities provide strong support for partners to develop their businesses and enable them to cover more business domains.

In terms of service modes, the MSP O&M team of TD Africa launches multiple service modes, including the TD Africa cloud renting service, TD MSP delivery service, and TD MSP operation service. These service modes not only help small and medium partners and their customers quickly achieve digital transformation, but also enable them to focus on core services, thereby improving their core competitiveness.

Up to now, many enterprise users in Nigeria have successfully migrated their services to iMaster NCE-Campus for MSPs through cooperating with small and medium partners. It is worth mentioning that TD Africa also uses iMaster NCE-Campus to manage services in its own office building. It replaces the Wi-Fi devices in the building with Huawei Wi-Fi 7 products, and onboards them on iMaster NCE-Campus.

Together We Can Be a Global Leader in the Business Market

The success of iMaster NCE-Campus for MSPs marks the enhanced cooperation between Huawei and TD Africa in the business market, and opens up a new business model for Huawei Datacom in Nigeria business market. All these achievements motivate partners to forge ahead and deepen cooperation between partners, so that they can independently carry out their businesses.

Looking into the future, TD Africa will continue to work closely with Huawei to draw on its rich experience and technologies in the network service field, help partners optimize platform usage and operation, and provide customers with top-notch network products and services. Together, let us lay a solid foundation for market development of African partners and promote the digital transformation of African enterprises.