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Widening Access to Education

Modern education faces many challenges, from a lack of funding to overstretched resources. As such, Huawei’s Distance Education makes sharing high-quality education resources easy, enriches teaching methods, and ultimately widens student access to education. It does all this by integrating a range of practical features, including class recording, remote teaching, and interactive teaching.

With a unified teaching cloud platform, Huawei provides an End to End (E2E) solution — available for teachers, classrooms, and individual learners alike — making real-time audio and video interactive teaching possible, with live, online classroom broadcasts, full-angle classroom recording, and on-demand lesson playback.

It uses a Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) to connect teachers with students online, creating an immersive classroom experience that is not dependent on a fixed, physical location. This has the potential to slash travel costs and save time for schools, making teaching and learning more convenient, and maximizing the effective use of resources.

A Smart Classroom is used to seamlessly integrate recording capabilities and remote interactive teaching. It interacts with remote audio-visual classrooms in real-time, and records classroom activity in a comprehensive and multi-dimensional way. Real-time live broadcasts can be accessed anytime, anywhere on multiple terminals, with after-the-fact playback making it easier to share high-quality resources.

Additionally, a multi-scenario virtual release system is used on campus. The studio — used for course recording and real-time remote training as well as for other cultural and entertainment activities — only requires 15–20 sqm of space, and can be customized for school-specific needs.

Huawei — in collaboration with partners — helps teachers share high-quality learning and training content online easily and conveniently, improves teacher-student communication, and forges a community network for schools, teachers, students, and parents.

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  • E2E Solution

    Provides access to learning resources on desktop and mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Teachers and students can easily record and share high-quality learning resources.

  • HD Video Capabilities

    Using different terminals, teachers and students enjoy High Definition (HD) audio and video capabilities, with real-time interaction on a unified interface. The automatic tracking and recording of teachers’ and students’ classroom activities offer remote students a truly inclusive, immersive learning experience.

  • Unified Maintenance

    The unified teaching platform — integrating remote teaching, online learning, and a virtual classroom, as well as other functions — provides a codified platform, promoting more convenient resource management and maintenance.