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General Scenario Solution

  • IOC
    Unified management of people, devices, and events across campus. Enables status visualization, event control, and service management.

  • Integrated Security Management

    Integrated dispatch and proactive prevention, improves incident response and handling efficiency. Eliminates security blind spots using perimeter protection, video surveillance and video patrol — to ensure the security of people and objects on campus.

  • Intelligent Access Control

    Achieves seamless and convenient access with technologies including facial recognition, big data analytics, and indoor positioning. Provides facial recognition, license plate recognition, an online visitor reservation system, and intelligent attendance recording capabilities.

  • Asset Management

    Achieves digital management and one-click counting of large numbers of assets, ensures asset security, and increases asset usage efficiency with Huawei’s next-generation IoT, AP, and RFID asset tags.

  • Facility Management

    Implements visualized facility information management, global operation monitoring, automatic exception management, and intelligent O&M. Makes facility management simpler, more efficient, and more intelligent.

  • Energy Efficiency Management

    Uses IoT, AI, big data, and other advanced ICT to construct multi-dimensional analysis models for energy scheduling, device operation, environmental monitoring, and crowd density monitoring, effectively driving intelligent energy saving through data.

  • Physical Space Management

    Through effective management and control, improves physical space usage, increases comfort, and promotes the sharing and overall value of space.

  • Efficient Workspaces

    Constructs secure, open, and intelligent workspaces to connect teams, knowledge, devices, and services, helping employees quickly obtain the resources and services they need. Increases the efficiency of individual work and team collaboration, all the while ensuring data security.

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