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Pump Up Your ICT Infrastructure with Huawei Solutions

According to a third-party report, the digital maturity of the oil and gas industry is far lower than that of heavy asset industries such as transportation, telecommunications, banking, and industrial manufacturing. Unlike these industries, the oil and gas industry has invested only a small amount of available data into the decision-making process. Because a digital strategy can greatly boost their development, specifically, it can help unlock more promising values such as predictive maintenance, remote operations centers, dynamic energy selection mode, omni-channel retailing, and connected service fields. It can also improve the social values of the oil and gas industry — values include saving money, higher productivity, lower water resource consumption, and smaller carbon dioxide emissions. The white paper has also made a bold estimate. That is, the digital strategy is projected to create around USD $1.58 trillion of value for the oil and gas industry from 2016 to 2025. Undoubtedly, we can say that the oil and gas industry is now standing at a crossroads and in urgent need of digital transformation.

Huawei has proposed “Leading New ICT for Higher Safety and Efficiency in the Oil and Gas Industry” and cooperates with industry partners to launch ICT solutions covering the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors to combine digital production with safety control and improve productivity. These innovative ICT solutions include oil and gas IoT, digital pipeline, HPC & operations management, and smart distribution. Huawei’s oil and gas solutions have been applied in 45 countries and regions around the world, serving 70 percent of the global top 20 oil and gas companies.

  • Oil & Gas Fields — Production IoT

  • Pipeline Monitoring and Warning

  • E&P Storage

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Oil & Gas Fields — Production IoT
Build ubiquitous collaboration and intelligence for oil and gas fields.
Pipeline Monitoring and Warning

Supporting wired, wireless, and satellite communications for pipelines over long distances and in harsh environments.

E&P Storage

Offering HPC management of seismic data processing and numerical reservoir simulation, Huawei's E&P Storage Solution helps oil and gas companies achieve more efficient exploration and production.

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