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eLTE Broadband and Narrowband IoT Solution

The eLTE Industry Wireless IoT solution for industrial markets integrates licensed and unlicensed bands, as well as broadband and narrowband services. It conforms to standard protocols for interconnection with existing application platforms in enterprises, providing abundant data sources for big data applications.

Easy-to-deploy lightweight devices implement production data collection, material tracking, smart metering, sensor detection, video surveillance, mobile office scenarios, and other industrial applications. The combination of broadband and narrowband applications provides enterprises with the best choice for private IoT network construction.

The eLTE Industry Wireless IoT solution consists of a unified service engine, AirNodes that support both broadband and narrowband IoT, Customer-Premises Equipment (CPEs), Mini-PCIe cards, modules, and a multitude of terminals.

eLTE-IoT is a narrowband IoT technology that complies with 3GPP specifications. The solution is used on the Industrial Scientific & Medical (ISM) bands; it requires low power consumption and is capable of mass connectivity. As well as daily active units, Huawei provides modules for terminal vendors to develop different IoT terminals, such as water, electricity, gas, and heat meters; industrial sensors; and positioning tags. With the modules integrated, terminals can exchange data with service platforms over the eLTE-IoT network.

eLTE-Licensed and eLTE-U are broadband IoT technologies. The eLTE-Licensed solution is developed based on 4.5GHz, while the eLTE-U solution is deployed on the unlicensed bands of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz.

The wide coverage and high bandwidth features of both solutions ensure guaranteed bandwidth for important services such as video surveillance and mobile office scenarios.


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