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All Flash Storage for Finance

Like many enterprises transforming their capabilities with digital technology, financial firms are leveraging real-time analysis to make faster business decisions and interact with customers more effectively. To bring lightning-fast performance to these efforts, Huawei’s all flash storage offer the most cost-effective storage available today.

With the world’s fastest response times and unsurpassed reliability, it’s easy to see why these storage systems have been adopted by more than 100 large financial institutions, including seven of the world’s top 20 banks.

The Best Option for Database and Virtualization Businesses

  • Online Transaction

    Omni-Channel & Online Transaction

    The OceanStor Dorado all flash database solution doubles transaction capabilities to cope easily with surging access needs.

  • Batch Processing

    Batch Processing

    The OceanStor Dorado all flash database solution supports real-time analysis for quick decision-making.

    • Improved storage response capability shortens data analysis time by 50%.
    • Applications, service processes, and programming habits remain unchanged. Only traditional storage devices are replaced.
  • Development  and testing 2

    Development and Testing

    The OceanStor Dorado all flash VM (Server Virtualization) solution enables agile development and achieves quick services.

    • Shortening batch test operation time by half, doubles version test efficiency.
    • Reuse of lossless snapshot saves storage capacity without compromising performance.
    • 5:1 data reduction ratio reduces capacity requirements and power consumption, shrinking TCO by 50%.

Listen to Our Customers

  • 0103

    Swiss CSS Insurance Achieves Transaction Processing within Seconds with Huawei All Flash Storage

     - Performance and scalability to match business growth
     - Instant response for mission-critical services

  • 0203

    Russia Bank V Uses Huawei All Flash Storage to Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks Caused by Merger

    - 8x performance improvement
    - Gateway-free active-active designensures zero business disruption
    - 50% savings in TCO

  • 0303

    China Nanhua Futures Selects Huawei All Flash Storage to Support Hundreds of Billions of Market Transactions

    - 3x better application performance
    - 50% lower storage device O&M costs
    - Reliable and stable core business operation

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