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    OceanStor Dorado V3 All-Flash Storage System

    Huawei’s OceanStor Dorado V3 all-flash storage, the industry’s first commercial use of NVMe storage, is the ideal choice for enterprise mission-critical businesses.

    It employs Huawei FlashlinkTM technology to provide 7 million IOPS, boosting application performance by 3-fold, and keeping 0.5-millisecond consistent latency with inline compression, inline de-duplication, and snapshot enabled. It delivers a gateway-free active-active solution to ensure RPO=0 and RTO≈0, upgradable to the 3DC solution to achieve 99.9999 percent availability. It also features 3:1 data reduction guarantee, leading to OPEX savings of 75 percent.

    The OceanStor Dorado V3 is applied to databases, VDI, server virtualization, and SAP HANA.

    Best Option for Database and Virtualization Businesses

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    Listen to Our Customers

    • 0103

      Telecom Italia: Saving 72% in OPEX

      Telecom Italia (TI) replaced 55 racks of legacy storage with nine racks of Huawei all-flash storage. OceanStor Dorado V3 guarantees 3:1 data reduction, which saved TI 72% in OPEX.

    • 0203

      Hi3G Sweden: Providing Optimal Network Services

      Hi3G Sweden has observed yearly data increases of over 20%. Huawei’s storage solution delivers a 300% improvement to system running speeds, lowers TCO by over 50%, and ensures continuity of core businesses.

    • 0303

      KPN: Accelerating Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation

      Huawei’s all-flash data acceleration solution is based on the OceanStor Dorado V3 and supports critical billing and CRM businesses of KPN. By providing 6,000 IOPS/TB storage service at 0.5 ms latency, the solution meets the highest performance requirements.



    OceanStor Dorado5000 V3

    OceanStor Dorado6000 V3

    OceanStor Dorado18000 V3

    Maximum Number of Controllers


    System Cache (dual-controller, expanding with the number of controllers)

    512 GB to 4 TB

    256 GB to 4 TB

    512 GB to 16 TB

    512 GB to 16 TB

    Supported Storage Protocols

    FC, iSCSI, and InfiniBand

    Type of Front-end Ports

    8 Gbit/s or 16 Gbit/s FC, 10 GE iSCSI/FCoE, and 56 Gbit/s InfiniBand

    Type of Back-end Ports

    PCIe 3.0

    SAS 3.0

    SAS 3.0

    SAS 3.0

    Maximum Number of SSDs

    200 (9,600*)

    1,400 (9,600*)

    2,400 (9,600*)

    3,200 (9,600*)

    Supported SSDs

    1T/2T/4T NVMe SSD

    600G/900G/1.8T/3.6T/7.68T SAS SSD

    600G/900G/1.8T/3.6T/7.68T SAS SSD

    600G/900G/1.8T/3.6T/7.68T SAS SSD

    Supported RAID Levels

    RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10*, RAID-TP (tolerating simultaneous failure of 3 SSDs)

    Maximum Number of Hosts


    Maximum Number of LUNs





    Value-added Features

    SmartDedupe (intelligent inline de-duplication)      SmartCompression (intelligent inline compression)

    SmartThin (intelligent thin provisioning)                SmartVirtualization (intelligent heterogeneous virtualization)

    SmartMigration (intelligent LUN migration)           SmartQoS (intelligent QoS control)

    HyperSnap (snapshot)                                         HyperClone (LUN Clone)

    HyperReplication (remote replication)                  HyperMetro (gateway-free active-active solution)

    Storage Management Software

    DeviceManager (device management)         UltraPath (multi-path management)

    eService (remote maintenance management)

    Operating System Compatibility

    AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, and Windows

    Supported Virtualization Environment Software

    Huawei FusionSphere, VMware, XenServer, Hyper-V, and other virtualization platforms

    VMware VAAI/VASA/SRM/VVOL, Hyper-V, and other value-added features

    Integration with vSphere and vCenter

    * Please contact Huawei sales for options.

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