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  • Huawei Launches FRMCS Solution to Facilitate Digital Transformation of Railway


    [Berlin, Germany, September 22, 2022] Huawei officially launched the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) solution at the InnoTrans 2022 and the 9th Huawei Global Rail Summit in Berlin, Germany, where special guests, Wang Guoyu, COO of Huawei Aviation & Rail BU, and Li Jie, President of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Domain, spoke about its success. This solution is a remarkable achievement for Huawei, as a result of its extensive research and experience in ICT deployment within the railway industry of over two decades. With a focus on improving safety and reliability, Huawei FRMCS expands train-to-ground wireless services from train control and dispatch to railway O&M, railway IoT, and more. It empowers widespread digital transformation of the rail sector, ensures train operation safety, and improves railway operations efficiency.

  • Huawei and Thailand's Srinakharinwirot University Build a Global Demo Site for Smart Education


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 21, 2022] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 in Bangkok, Huawei and Srinakharinwirot University (SWU) in Thailand unveiled a global demo site for smart education, setting a new benchmark for the digital transformation of universities and colleges worldwide. In attendance at the unveiling ceremony were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mr. Somchai Santiwattanakul, President of Srinakharinwirot University, Vincent Liu, President of Huawei's Global Enterprise Network Marketing & Solution Sales Department, and Aaron Wang, Vice President of Huawei APAC Enterprise Business Group.

  • Huawei, Thailand SWU Launch Global Educational Demo Site --The cooperation project with Huawei will strengthen SWU’s positioning as an “Innovative University” and a digital transformation leader in the education sector


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 21, 2022] Huawei, in partnership with Srinakharinwirot University (SWU), launched its first Global Educational Demo Site in Thailand on Wednesday during Huawei Connect 2022 in Bangkok.

  • Huawei's Newly Upgraded CloudFabric 3.0 Creates an Ultimate Experience for Data Center Networks


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 20, 2022] At Huawei Connect 2022 in Bangkok, Huawei launched the Easy CloudFabric Solution — the latest upgrade to the CloudFabric 3.0 Data Center Network Solution — which stands out with three "easy" features: easy deployment, easy O&M, and easy evolution. The all-new solution creates an ultimate service experience for the hybrid cloud era, accelerating enterprise digital transformation.

  • Huawei Launches Storage Portfolio to Find the Right Technology for the Right Scenario


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 20, 2022] Focused on helping enterprises unlock the power of their data, Huawei provided a range of storage products and solutions featuring scenario-specific technologies for different industries, at Huawei Connect 2022. The vision behind the storage portfolio, explained by Dr. Peter Zhou, President of Huawei IT Product Line, is "to build a data-centric, trustworthy storage foundation for diverse applications" in scenarios like production and transactions, data analytics, and data protection.

  • Huawei Intelligent Cloud-Network, Unleashing Industry Digital Productivity


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 20, 2022] On the second day of HUAWEI CONNECT 2022, Zhao Zhipeng, Vice President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Intelligent Cloud Network, Unleashing Industry Digital Productivity" and elaborated on how Huawei's Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution further improves industry customer experience in three dimensions — easy, agile, and simplified — by continuously building its capabilities in CloudFabric, CloudWAN, and CloudCampus scenarios. At the conference, Huawei also unveiled the industry's first Wi-Fi 7 AP AirEngine 8771-X1T, 400G-ready next-generation campus core switch CloudEngine S16700, and ultra-compact universal-service aggregation router NetEngine 8000 M4. These products help lay a solid data foundation to further unleash digital productivity.

  • Huawei Intelligent Cloud-Network, Leading Digital Innovation


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 20, 2022] Huawei unveiled the upgraded capabilities of its Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution at the summit entitled "Intelligent Cloud-Network, Leading Digital Innovation", held during HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 Bangkok. The capabilities cover three major scenarios — CloudFabric, CloudWAN, and CloudCampus — and were created in an effort to meet customers' changing requirements. Huawei also released its Wireless Intelligent Network Architecture White Paper to further guide enterprises in digital innovation.

  • Huawei Released the White Paper 《Data Storage Power – The Digital Cornerstone of High-Quality Development》


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 20, 2022] Today, at Huawei Connect 2022, Huawei officially released its white paper, 《Data Storage Power – The Digital Cornerstone of High-Quality Development》. Examining the development of the storage industry, the white paper defines quantitative indicators to measure data storage capabilities and analyzes the current data storage landscape across different regions around the world. It aims to help governments and enterprises better evaluate, design, and build data storage capabilities.

  • Huawei Unveils Its New 5D Services


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 20, 2022] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 Bangkok, Huawei Services proposed two brand new concepts — Five-dimensional (5D) services, and the Huawei Powered O&M service solution — Co-Ops 1.0. More than 100 technical experts, O&M executives, CTOs, and CIOs attended the session to share their views on the trends and future opportunities of industrial digital transformation.

  • Huawei Launches the MiniFTTO Solution, Dedicated for Small and Micro Campuses


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 19, 2022] At HUAWEI CONNECT 2022, Huawei hosted the "F5G Industry Practice, Building New-Gen Connectivity" Summit, where Huawei launched the MiniFTTO solution for small and micro campus scenarios. Huawei works with partners to bring optimal experience to small and micro enterprises, commercial villas, kindergartens, community clinics and convenience stores.

  • Huawei Unveils Its Ransomware Protection Storage Solution to Provide the Ultimate Data Protection for the Power Industry


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 19, 2022] Huawei released an anti-ransomware storage solution to protect global power companies against frequent ransomware attacks, during the session titled 'Unleash Digital and Create New Value for Electric Power' at this year's HUAWEI CONNECT held in Bangkok, Thailand from September 19 to 21, 2022.

  • "One Cloud, One Network + Public Services", Promoting National Digital Infrastructure Construction


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 19, 2022] During the session of "Unleash Digital, Accelerating Public Services Transformation" at HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 Bangkok, Huawei focused on key industry scenarios in government, emergency response, education, and healthcare, and proposed the "One Cloud + One Network + Public Services" model to help governments build the national digital foundation, promote the construction of national digital infrastructure, and accelerate public services transformation.

  • Huawei Releases the White Paper on Opportunities for Digital Transformation of Education to Explore the Intelligent Education Maturity Assessment Model


    [Bangkok, Thailand, September 19, 2022] During the session of "Accelerate the Digital Journey of Education" at HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 Bangkok, Huawei released the White Paper on Opportunities for Digital Transformation of Education, which explores the intelligent education maturity assessment model for the first time. Huawei also proposed to leverage all-scenario education solutions to innovate teaching modes, promote inclusive education resources, improve research capabilities, and upgrade management, accelerating the digital transformation of education.

  • Equipped with Huawei's Tech, Bank of Communications Wins The Asian Banker's Award of Best Big Data Implementation in China


    [Beijing, China, August 25, 2022] The Asian Banker, an authoritative global platform for insights about the finance industry, has unveiled the winner list for its 2022 Financial Technology Awards at Finance China 2022. Bank of Communications (BOC) won the Best Big Data Implementation award for its Lakehouse DaaS built using Huawei Cloud FusionInsight intelligent data lake.

  • HUAWEI IdeaHub S2 Launched for Smart Office and Education


    [Beijing, China, August 8, 2022] CCTV News joined Huawei at the Intelligent Collaboration 2022 New Product Launch, which officially released the HUAWEI IdeaHub S2 – the first ever HarmonyOS collaboration flat panel. The IdeaHub S2 is another success to add to Huawei's portfolio of innovative, industry-leading solutions, creating better value for customers.

  • Huawei Launches the SOCC Solution, Safeguarding Stable Transactions in the Financial Industry


    Huawei released Storage-Optical Connection Coordination (SOCC) solution,designed to solve service loss and ensure the stable financial transactions.

  • Huawei's New Financial Cloud-Network Solution


    Huawei's upgraded Financial Cloud-Network Solution accelerates the cloudification of banking services and builds new connectivity for smarter finance.

  • Huawei Unveils MEGA digital Infrastructure Solutions


    Huawei unveils Multi-domain collaborative, Efficient, Green, and Autonomous (MEGA) financial digital infrastructure to empower transformation for finance.

  • Intelligent Banking White Paper joint release with IDC


    Huawei and International Data Corporation (IDC) joint released a white paper - "Making New Realities Possible with Intelligent Banking" .

  • Huawei Releases 6 Scenario-Specific Storage Solutions for Finance


    Huawei released six scenario-specific storage solutions for the finance industry, helping customers build a data-centric, trustworthy storage foundation.