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    Huawei SingleFAN Pro Solution

    Building Intelligent All-Optical Access to Embrace the Gigabit Era


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Huawei SingleFAN Pro Solution

The era of Home+ has arrived. People now expect to be able to learn and work from home, transforming home broadband from an entertainment center to a diversified service center. By building high-quality broadband with premium gigabit experience, optimal return on investment (ROI), and intelligent O&M, Huawei's SingleFAN Pro solution can help operators seize opportunities and build differentiated advantages in the home broadband market, ultimately achieving rapid business growth. Currently, Huawei's SingleFAN Pro solution has been adopted by more than 350 leading operators and ISPs, making it the first choice for global customers to build fiber to the home (FTTH) networks.

Gain the Edge

Optimal ROI for network construction

• No site acquisition: blade OLTs mounted on poles, without equipment room construction or onsite commissioning (CO+X)
• Free of fiber splicing: QuickODN with E2E pre-connection, improving network construction speed by 30%
• Revenue increase: PremiumWi-Fi increases ARPU by more than $10, accelerating ROI

Intelligent O&M

Premium broadband experience

• Network side: GPON → 10G PON imperceptible upgrade without replacing OLTs (Flex-PON) or ODNs (Class D), providing real gigabit bandwidth to homes
• Home side: optimal home network architecture (FTTR), gigabit Wi-Fi 6 everywhere, and guaranteed key service experience (eAI)

Converged Management

Intelligent network O&M

• Digital O&M: visualized management for passive networks (digital ODN), improving maintenance efficiency by 70%
• Visible and manageable: Wi-Fi troubleshooting without home visits (cloud management supported), making home networks visible, manageable, and maintainable
• Multi-tenant platform: cloud-based multi-tenant capabilities (FANS) and quick tenant access, reducing management costs by 30%


Featuring key capabilities such as full-fiber connection, ultra-high bandwidth, and premium experience, the Huawei SingleFAN Pro solution can help operators and ISPs build intelligent, simplified, and ultra-broadband all-optical access networks to meet the full-service access requirements of Internet of Everything (IoE) in the next decade.

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