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    Lightweight Resource Pool

    Simple and efficient, creating a lightweight and reliable digital base for small and medium-sized enterprises


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Lightweight Resource Pool

It is generally used in scenarios where small-scale financial institutions, hospitals, and small- and medium-sized enterprises build local small-scale DCs. The typical requirements are as follows:
1. Core services are heavily loaded and require high performance and reliability.
2. Small-scale infrastructure construction requires high resource utilization.
3. Lack of IT personnel and high O&M efficiency.
4. Meet industry supervision and high security capability requirements.
Huawei provides a lightweight, building block-based, and flexible resource pool portfolio solution to meet the requirements of core services for high performance, security, and reliability, supervision, and efficient O&M.


Low Latency, No Loss

Fault Locating in Minutes

Intelligent O&M analysis enables fault locating from hours to minutes.

business continuity

Second-level Service Response

Second-level service response during peak hours; Hospital registration from 30 seconds to 3 seconds


Data reliability: 99.999%

Provides virtualization and database disaster recovery to ensure data reliability.

Safety authentication

Reduce Security Costs

Quickly detect security costs and reduce security costs.


lightweight resource pool architecture cn

Efficient Management

End-to-end intelligent O&M, minute-level fault locating, and quick construction of simplified SDN networking

High Performance

Supports NoF+, improving network performance by 30%.

High Reliability

Provides multi-layer reliability assurance for optical networks, IP networks, storage, virtualization, and databases.

High Security

Provide security protection packages and professional security services.