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Move Beyond SD-WAN with CloudWAN

Huawei’s CloudWAN solution outperforms its predecessor to deliver performance three times the industry average. The solution leverages optimized architecture, hardware acceleration, algorithms, and NetEngine AR6000 — Huawei’s industry-leading series of SD-WAN routers — to achieve improved branch interconnection. With CloudWAN, your WANs can adapt as business needs change and overcome the rapid increase in traffic volume associated with new technologies such as cloud, AI, and 5G. Build high-performance SD-WANs that offer optimal experience, flexible networking, and simplified O&M.

Huawei is an industry leader in the SD-WAN field and was the first SD-WAN provider to pass European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) testing. Recognized as a challenger in WAN Edge Infrastructure by Gartner, Huawei continues to innovate in the SD-WAN field through collaboration with numerous carriers and enterprises. Already in wide-spread commercial use, Huawei’s CloudWAN solution utilizes HUAWEI CLOUD to provide on-demand network connection services for your business.


Solution Architecture

The CloudWAN solution comprises the NetEngine AR6000 series routers, AR1000V vCPEs, distributed control component, iMaster NCE, third-party orchestrator, and other application systems.

  • iMaster NCE: automatically orchestrates topologies and policies, monitors performance and status, and provides northbound RESTful APIs to interconnect with third-party orchestrators and other systems.

    Distributed control component: distributes inter-CPE VPN route and tunnel information on demand according to user-defined VPN topology policies.

    NetEngine AR6000 series router: mainly functions as an egress CPE at an enterprise branch or a data center.

    AR1000V vCPE: mainly functions as an egress CPE at a data center or cloud site. It runs on a physical server or VM, and supports on-demand performance expansion.

NetTech TV

Ping An’s Fast AI with Huawei SD-WAN

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