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    AirEngine 9700D-S Distributed Access Point

    DAP in Zero-Roaming Distributed Wi-Fi Solution


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AirEngine 9700D-S Distributed Access Point

Huawei AirEngine 9700D-S is a Distributed Access Point (DAP) in Zero-Roaming Distributed Wi-Fi Solution. The DAP complies with the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard and can deliver services simultaneously on 2.4 GHz (4x4) and 5 GHz (8x8) frequency bands. It has one 10GE optical port and two 2.5GE electrical ports in the uplink and eight hybrid ports that can connect to eight downlink ORUs. It also provides multiple RF ports for connecting to extranet APs and IoT base stations. Typically, the DAP is deployed in the ELV room of a hospital ward area and expands wireless signals to rooms through hybrid cables, Optical Radio Units (ORUs), and Antenna Units (AUs), delivering wireless access services to hospital tablets, mobile ward-round, and IoT terminals.
Zero-Roaming Distributed Wi-Fi Solution consists of the DAP, ORUs, and AUs. The DAP must work with ORUs (AirEngine 5760-11DH) and AUs, but cannot work independently.

Long-Distance Coverage

Wide Coverage

Each DAP can connect to a maximum of eight ORUs through ultra-long hybrid cables, and each ORU can connect to a maximum of eight Wi-Fi AUs and one IoT antenna (433 MHz). In this manner, signals from one DAP can cover up to 64 rooms, delivering on-demand 500 m coverage across floors.

High-Density Wi-Fi

Zero Roaming

The intranet and extranet wireless signals broadcast by 64 AUs connected to the same DAP operate on the same frequency band and channel. This ensures that the solution achieves zero roaming, zero handover, zero packet loss, and service continuity within the coverage area of the AUs.

Transmission Optimization

Tri-Network Isolation and Converged Deployment

IoT base stations and extranet APs feed signals into the DAP, which then transmits the signals to ORUs and AUs through hybrid cables. This achieves converged deployment and physical isolation of the intranet, extranet, and IoT network, ensuring security and reliability.


Parameters AirEngine 9700D-S
Dimensions (H x W x D) 43.6 mm x 320 mm x 210 mm
Power Input AC: 100 V to 240 V; 50/60 Hz
DC: 50 V to 57 V (backup)
Ports Uplink: 1 x 10GE optical port + 2 x 2.5GE electrical ports
Downlink: 8 x Hybrid ports (for radio signal output)
4 x Wi-Fi SMA ports + 6 x IoT SMA ports
Maximum Power Consumption
178W (when it supplies PoE power to eight connected ORUs)
Operating Temperature
–10°C to +50°C
MIMO:Spatial Streams
2.4 GHz: 4x4:4; 5 GHz: 8x8:8
Radio Protocols
802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac Wave 2/ax
Wi-Fi Maximum Rate
10.75 Gbps