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    Huawei OptiXstar P813E-E

    An enterprise-grade ONU for campus and video backhaul scenarios.


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Huawei OptiXstar P813E-E

Huawei OptiXstar P813E-E

Huawei OptiXstar P813E-E is an Optical Network Unit (ONU) with eight GE ports that support Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), delivering high-quality voice, data, and High-Definition (HD) video services. As such, the device is well suited to enterprise campus and video backhaul scenarios.

Rapid Deployment

Symmetrical 10G Bandwidth

With 10 Gbit/s uplink and downlink bandwidth, in symmetric mode, supporting concurrent services of multiple cameras, dense deployment of 4K cameras is possible.

Full Adaptability

Supporting plug-and-play deployment, for both indoor and outdoor environments, matching service applications across all scenarios.

Highly Reliable Transmission

High Reliability

Type B and Type C protection for dual-upstream 10-Gigabit-Capable Symmetric Passive Optical Network (XGS-PON), zero service interruptions, and 24/7 online services.


Parameters Huawei OptiXstar P813E-E
(H x W x D) (without pads)
35 x 220 x 150 mm 
Weight Approximately 1.2 kg
Operating Temperature –40°C to +55°C
Operating Humidity 5–95% RH (non-condensing)
Power Adapter Input 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 
System Power Supply  56 V DC, 2.6 A
UNI 2 x XGS-PON (1 x BOB + 1 x SFP)
NNI 8 x GE PoE/PoE+
Static Power Consumption 10 W
Maximum Power
14 W (PoE portwithout PD)
138 W (PoE port with PD)
Optical Connector SC/UPC
XGS PON Port • XGS-PON optical module, port type: SC/UPC
−Class N1/N2
−Receiver sensitivity: –28 dBm
−Overload optical power: –9 dBm
−Transmission rate: upstream 9.953 Gbit/s, downstream 9.953 Gbit/s
• Type B single-homing
• Type B dual-homing (supported in Layer 2 forwarding)
• Type C protection
Ethernet Port • Port type: RJ-45
• Auto port speed (10/100/1000 Mbit/s)
• Configuration of the number of MAC addresses learned
• VLAN transparent transmission/VLAN filtering
• PoE and PoE+, complying with IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at
Maximum PoE Output Power Gross power 120 W (up to 30 W for one GE port)