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    Huawei OptiXstar E810

    Huawei Industrial-Grade CPE


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Huawei OptiXstar E810

Huawei OptiXstar E810 is the industry's first industrial-grade OSU CPE and is used as a terminal access device in Huawei Intelligent OptiX Network solution. It can be used for industrial control and collection, and surveillance service backhaul at remote sites such as oil and gas BVS and new energy stations. The NHP-based transmission technology ensures secure and reliable service transmission and supports OSU evolution. The ultra-low power consumption and industrial-grade design enable the device to be deployed in extremely harsh environments.

Industrial-Grade Design

• Wide temperature range: –40°C to +65°C, natural heat dissipation
• Energy saving: power consumption < 40 W, solar power supply supported

Continuous Security

High Reliability and Security

• Device- and service-level 1+1 protection
• NHP to physically isolate services

Easy Deployment and O&M

• Centralized management on the NMS
• Automatic service provisioning


Parameters Huawei OptiXstar E810
Dimensions (H x W x D) 150mm x 155mm ×133mm
Weight (excluding adapters) About 5 kg
Operating temperature –40°C to +65℃, natural heat dissipation
Rated voltage and current 12 V DC to 60 V DC, 1+1 power protection
Maximum power consumption 40W
Client-side capability 4 x E1 + 4 x GE/FE (E) + 4 x GE/FE (O)
Line-side capability 2 x STM-16/STM-4/STM-1, OSU OTN (Reserved)
Service model EoS private line, EoOSU private line (Reserved)
Protection type • OTN:ODUk SNCP
• TDM: SNCP and 1+1 linear MSP
Installation mode Guide rail mounting