Huawei Unveils CloudFabric Easy Lightweight SDN Solution to Accelerate Cloud Transformation for Small and Midsize DCs


[Barcelona, Spain, March 4, 2022] During the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022), Huawei unveiled the CloudFabric Easy Solution, which features automation and intelligent O&M and helps small and midsize data center networks to achieve fast cloud transformation. This future-proof solution is ideal for sectors such as retail and postal customers with insufficient O&M manpower.

Data center symbols floating on clouds that spell out EASY for Huawei's CloudFabric Easy Solution (Lightweight SDN)

Huawei CloudFabric Easy Solution unveiled

Cloud computing is changing the ways enterprises develop, produce, and operate. New applications are driving this change — including mobile apps, intelligent analysis, and enterprise office applications carried by data centers. However, constrained by funds and technology factors, SMEs confront many challenges in data center network construction. For instance, capacity expansion planning has many constraints and cannot meet service development requirements; the long service rollout period makes the network a bottleneck for service provisioning; manual deployment is error-prone, and nearly 40% faults are caused by configuration errors; passive O&M is inefficient, and fault locating depends upon expert advice.

To address these challenges, Huawei launched the CloudFabric Easy Lightweight SDN Solution for small and midsize data centers. Its core components include CloudEngine data center switches, iMaster NCE-Fabric, and iMaster NCE-FabricInsight. This solution has the following highlights:

  • Expandability: up to 30 leaf nodes (four leaf nodes at most in the industry) and evolution towards a cluster
  • Automation: full-lifecycle automatic deployment, pre-event simulation and verification, and 100% configuration correctness
  • Simplification: one-click deployment within only 10 minutes (In Huawei CloudFabric Easy Solution, software is pre-installed, and only three parameters need to be set. However, the industry requires more than 30 parameters and takes hours for deployment.)
  • EasY-Maintenance: real-time visibility into network status, automatic detection of 90% risks, and proactive O&M, locating faults in minutes

Huawei works closely with global customers to promote joint innovation. Small banks, healthcare, retail, education, and other industries are actively using Huawei CloudFabric Easy Solution in over 100 commercial cases.

Future-ready with global customers, Huawei will dive deeper into the automation and intelligence evolution of data center networks, ushering in the full autonomous AI era.

MWC Barcelona 2022 runed from February 28 to March 3 in Barcelona, Spain. Huawei Enterprise’s exhibition booth is located at 1H50 in Hall 1 of Fira Gran Via.