SINO-PIPELINE International and Huawei Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Promote Digital Transformation


Four representatives from SINO-PIPELINE and Huawei pose while signing a strategic cooperation agreement to promote DX

SINO-PIPELINE International and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

[Shenzhen, China, May 26, 2021] On May 26th, SINO-PIPELINE International and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen.

The agreement will draw on both parties' expertise and advantages, with SINO-PIPELINE International bringing its advanced business capabilities and resources while Huawei provisions leading ICT technologies and professional talent. The ultimate goal of the agreement is to build a sustainable strategic partnership. Together, the two companies will leverage digital transformation to promote cooperation in projects such as intelligent pipeline networks, supporting SINO-PIPELINE International's development into a world-class global company by 2030.

As part of the agreement, SINO-PIPELINE and Huawei will set up a joint working group focused on the oil and gas intelligent pipeline field and establish a long-term communication mechanism. Through cooperation in ICT infrastructure, big data, cloud platform, artificial intelligence (AI), digital transformation, and digital pipeline, the companies will explore the innovative application of new ICT technologies within SINO-PIPELINE International. Working together, they will accelerate the pipeline giant's digital transformation, achieving shared development and success.

SINO-PIPELINE International is a CNPC company that specializes in operating overseas oil and gas pipelines. Its pipeline mileage and capacity account for 75% and 80% of the total overseas pipelines of CNPC, respectively, both ranking the top in the world. SINO-PIPELINE's mission is to "guarantee energy supply and support harmonious shared development" with a vision to "build an energy silk road with highly efficient oil and gas strategic channels". In this context, SINO-PIPELINE International has been actively implementing its large-scale, specialized, and internationalized development strategy.