Huawei and IEEE Jointly Publish L4 Data Center Autonomous Driving Network White Paper, Redefining Network Operations in the AI Era


[Baku, Azerbaijan, May 13, 2024] At the Huawei Network Summit 2024, Huawei and IEEE unveiled a joint white paper on L4 data center autonomous driving networks, detailing the vast potential and pressing challenges facing data center networks in the age of AI models. The report also delves into the realization of autonomous driving networks, improved operational efficiency, and innovative services through comprehensive discussions of network architecture, key technologies, business value, and best practices.

L4 Data Center Autonomous Driving Network White Paper Release Ceremony

L4 Data Center Autonomous Driving Network White Paper Release Ceremony

In the AI era, connectivity, computing power, and digitalization converge to transform the ICT landscape. These factors fuel and accelerate one another in tandem with AI, generating novel value for the industry. Data center networks play a crucial role in this transformation, enabling general-purpose computing, high-performance storage, and AI-powered intelligent computing. To meet the demands of the next-generation data center network, it is essential to support precise investment in computing power and seamless collaboration between computing and storage systems for enabling more rapid and accurate O&M without affecting services. Huawei's Xinghe Intelligent Fabric Solution leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver greater value to customers. By leveraging Net Master, a network large model application, and network digital map functionality, the solution accelerates the development of data center networks to L4 and enables intelligent operations.

Arthur Wang, President of Data Center Network Domain, Huawei Data Communication Product Line, noted that the rapid advancement of AI marks a pivotal moment for intelligent network deployment. The synergy between intelligent network elements (NEs), digital twins, and network large models is propelling the evolution of data center autonomous driving networks to L4. Huawei looks forward to collaborating with customers and industry partners to accelerate the development of highly autonomous data center networks.

According to Professor Hussain, Vice Chair of the IEEE UAE Section, network intelligence powered by digital twins serves as the foundation for realizing highly autonomous driving networks. Built upon the framework of converged intelligent hardware awareness, as well as the power of large language models (LLMs), AI agents trained based on professional datasets, expert knowledge, and advanced computational methods hold the key to achieving high-level network automation.

Wang Hui, President of Huawei NCE Data Communication Domain, pointed out that Huawei leverages Net Master, together with the network digital map functionality, to accelerate the transition to L4 data center autonomous driving networks. By upgrading from "network intelligence" to "service intelligence enablement", Net Master helps enable network intelligence, boost operational efficiency, and foster innovative services.

Huawei Xinghe Intelligent Fabric Solution revolutionizes data center networks with state-of-the-art autonomous driving network capabilities, leveraging innovative technologies like intelligent NEs, digital twins, and the network large model to usher in a new era of efficient and intelligent network operations for a breadth of industries.