Huawei Launches Xinghe Intelligent Network for the Middle East and Central Asia to Accelerate Industrial Intelligence


[Baku, Azerbaijan, May 13, 2024] The Middle East and Central Asia leg of Huawei Network Summit 2024, themed "Innovations Never Stop", was successfully held in Baku, Azerbaijan. At the summit, Leon Wang, President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Huawei Xinghe Intelligent Network Accelerating Industrial Intelligence".

He said in the speech, "All industries are accelerating intelligent transformation, and networks are evolving to all intelligence to underpin intelligent applications across industries. In response, Huawei launched Xinghe Intelligent Network products and solutions based on Net5.5G. These new offerings align with the philology of 'Networks for AI, AI for Network' and build a network foundation for the intelligent era to accelerate the intelligent transformation of all industries."

Leon Wang, President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, delivering a speech

Leon Wang, President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, delivering a speech

AI is gaining traction and reshaping all industries. Financial organizations, for example, leverage AI to achieve intelligent customer services, risk control, operational management, and precise customer acquisition, in turn greatly improving service efficiency and accelerating the pace into the Bank 5.0 era. Similarly, manufacturers draw on AI to build unstaffed workshops for increased production efficiency and enhanced product competitiveness. According to third-party forecasts, AI is projected to contribute US$13 trillion to global GDP by 2030.

Data communication networks are constantly upgraded to meet the changing demand for connectivity, which have evolved from connecting servers, PCs, the Internet, mobile terminals, all the way to clouds. With the advent of the intelligent era, the scope of network connectivity is expanded into AI. This signifies that data communication networks are entering the new era of Net5.5G. In this era, networks are equipped with enhanced intelligent capabilities in experience assurance, computing power scheduling, computing power release, and network security protection.

To embrace the Net5.5G era, Huawei launched Xinghe Intelligent Network and unveiled a full range of innovations in experience assurance, computing power scheduling, computing power release, and network security protection to lead the development of the data communication industry.

Xinghe Intelligent Campus: Digital services, such as HD video conferencing, remote work, virtual reality, and automated robots, emerge one after another, posing more requirements on service experience. Against this backdrop, Huawei launched the Xinghe Intelligent Campus Solution to achieve intelligent experience assurance. Specifically, Huawei's all-scenario Wi-Fi 7 products leverage smart antennas and intelligent scheduling technologies to double the wireless signal strength and increase the number of concurrent users by 50%. Plus, Huawei's audio and video assurance solution, unique in the industry, intelligently identifies and prioritizes audio and video applications to ensure always-optimal experience. With regard to wireless network security, Huawei launched Wi-Fi Shield technology, an innovation that prevents unauthorized users from eavesdropping any valid data, ensuring robust wireless network security.

Xinghe Intelligent Fabric: In AI scenarios, a data center network needs to connect thousands or even tens of thousands of collaborative GPUs, which are extremely sensitive to network packet loss or congestion. That's where Huawei's Xinghe Intelligent Fabric Solution comes in. The solution leverages AI Turbo and a network scale load balance (NSLB) algorithm to perform network-wide intelligent optimization. The resulting benefits include zero packet loss, network-wide load balancing, and over 98% high link utilization on average. Plus, link- and device-level switchovers are completed within milliseconds, and network-level switchovers within seconds. The three-level fast switchovers ensure reliable running of the data center network and efficiently unleash intelligent computing power.

Xinghe Intelligent WAN: In the intelligent era, networks are no longer bandwidth-centric, and instead, focus more on the full scheduling of limited network resources. In keeping up with this, Huawei's Xinghe Intelligent WAN Solution leverages an adaptive multi-path selection algorithm to intelligently schedule millions of service flows on the entire network. And service bandwidth can be flexibly adjusted from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s, fully utilizing idle network resources. Furthermore, latency-based path selection and one-click deployment of end-to-end network slicing ensure efficient data transmission for intelligent applications in various industries. By empowering network devices with AI, Huawei's Xinghe Intelligent WAN Solution can self-learn application traffic behavior, and detect and report application traffic exceptions in seconds through intelligent baseline monitoring. All of these ensure uncompromised experience for key applications.

Xinghe Intelligent Network Security: As intelligent technologies develop rapidly, network attacks and virus types are on the fast rise. According to third-party statistics, network attacks increased by 42% and viruses grew 15% in the past year. Due to more rampant security events, manual security protection methods become inadequate and unsustainable. Huawei helps address this by launching the Xinghe Intelligent Network Security Solution that provides enterprises with integrated intelligent security protection across clouds, networks, edges, and endpoints. Specifically, the security brain on the cloud has built-in inference rules and security detection models to automatically correlate security events, match the handling policies, and ultimately handle 99% security events in a closed-loop approach. In particular, four security engines leverage AI algorithms to dynamically analyze traffic models in real time and detect threats at 99.95% accuracy. Plus, the industry's first two-dimensional threat graph engine enables parallel threat detection, with the ransomware detection rate reaching 100%.

In addition to launching Xinghe Intelligent Network solutions, Huawei also unveiled an extensive range of Xinghe Intelligent Industry Network solutions that cover diverse industries like public services, finance, energy, education, transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare. All of these cater to the differentiated requirements of various industries in the intelligent era.

At the summit, Huawei, together with customers and partners such as Ankabut, HEC, Zajil, NGN, and Avicom, announced more than ten innovative products and solutions to best suit diverse scenarios such as campus networks, wide area networks (WANs), data center networks, and network security. Examples include all-scenario Wi-Fi 7, the industry's highest-density 400GE modular data center switch (a total of 640 400GE ports), the industry's unique switch with flexible cards from GE to 400GE, the industry's first 220 mm deep 400GE router, an all-in-one intelligent converged gateway, and Net Master (a network large model application).

The world stands at a critical juncture in advancing from digital transformation to intelligent transformation. As such, Huawei's Xinghe Intelligent Network will constantly evolve and upgrade network capabilities to help all industries accelerate their pace into the intelligent era.